What are Tuscan Beds?

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Tuscan interior design seamlessly blends a rustic simplicity reminiscent of the central Italian hillsides with an elegance derived from rich fabrics, intricate carving, and dark metals. Whether they are authentic or merely inspired by this decorative style, Tuscan beds capture the distinctive farmhouse-meets-finery aura of Tuscan design. Most Tuscan beds are made from a rich, heavy wood which may be embellished with soaring posters, graceful carvings, or swirling metalwork. Carefully selected linens and pillows can further enhance the Tuscan ambiance created by these beds. Those shopping for Tuscan beds will likely find a wealth of options by consulting furniture retailers, antique dealers, and auction houses.

Located in central Italy, the region of Tuscany features a landscape of steep hills covered in a patchwork of vineyards and olive groves. Also found in Tuscany are such historically wealthy, artistically significant cities as Florence and Sienna. The pastoral nature of this landscape and the regal quality of these cities come together in Tuscan design, which features rustic woods and earthy tones tempered with opulent metalwork and carvings.


Those who wish to imbue their bedrooms with the ambiance of central Italy can easily do so with Tuscan beds. Specific design features can vary greatly from one bed to another. Many Tuscan beds, however, are made from rich, heavy-looking woods such as chestnut or walnut. They often feature high headboards and corner posters which have been elegantly hand-carved. Many also include scrolled metalwork, often of dark wrought iron, which may be incorporated into the headboard or the bed’s legs.

Carefully selected pillows and linens can further contribute to the Tuscan ambiance created by these beds. As Tuscan design is deeply influenced by the region’s hilly landscape, it often incorporates colors which are strongly associated with nature. Olive greens, warm terra cotta hues, and sunny yellows are among the colors most commonly used in Tuscan-inspired décor. Rich details such as brocade prints, shimmering satin fabrics, and braided tassels can round out the look by giving a nod to the artistic and financial grandeur of Tuscany’s past.

Shoppers looking for Tuscan beds will likely find a variety of options by consulting furniture retailers, antique dealers, and auction houses. With a generous budget at hand, antique enthusiasts should be able to source an authentic Tuscan bed fairly easily. Those with limited funds may find that one of the many Tuscan-inspired beds produced by domestic furniture companies makes an excellent centerpiece for an Italian-style bedroom.


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