What Are Tuna Croquettes?

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Tuna croquettes are a type of breaded food usually stuffed with a combination of minced tuna,‭ ‬onions,‭ ‬bread crumbs and egg.‭ ‬Various spices can be added to the croquette, depending on the desired taste and accompanying dishes.‭ ‬Originally,‭ ‬tuna croquettes‭ ‬were deep fried, but they have come to be pan fried or baked.‭ ‬Many countries have their own unique versions of tuna croquettes,‭ ‬but most retain the breaded and chopped fish aspect of the dish.‭ ‬These croquettes can be served with a dipping‭ ‬sauce or covered in a thick cream sauce.

The process of making tuna croquettes begins by mincing the ingredients into very fine pieces with a knife or blending them in a food processor.‭ ‬Pieces of bread or bread crumbs are soaked in a liquid such as milk,‭ ‬water or stock.‭ ‬The bread is‭ ‬added to the mixture along with an egg.‭ ‬Salt and pepper are added to taste, and the entire mixture is blended together thoroughly.

For the mixture to be thick enough to keep its shape during cooking,‭ ‬it is refrigerated for several hours or overnight.‭ After it is set,‭ ‬the mixture can be formed into‭ ‬palm-sized balls,‭ ‬cylinders or patties.‭ ‬The shaped filling is coated in egg,‭ ‬rolled lightly in flour and then placed back in the egg until finally being coated in dry bread crumbs.


The tuna croquettes are then ready to be cooked.‭ ‬They can be deep fried in oil until the bread crumbs are golden brown,‭ ‬or they can be pan fried in a shallow layer of oil.‭ ‬A dry‭ ‬oven at a high temperature can be used as well.‭ ‬Whatever method is used,‭ ‬the result is a crisp outer shell of bread crumbs and a soft,‭ ‬moist interior.

When served,‭ ‬the tuna croquettes can be accompanied by a sauce.‭ ‬Many croquette dishes have a simple‭ ‬béchamel sauce drizzled over the top or placed on the side for dipping.‭ ‬In the case of tuna croquettes,‭ ‬lemon butter sauces can be used instead.

There are number of variations to the basic tuna croquette recipe.‭ ‬Mayonnaise can be added to the tuna mixture for added richness,‭ ‬or cayenne pepper can be added for heat.‭ ‬Green or red onions can be used instead of white onions,‭ ‬or the onions can be‭ ‬sautéed before being added to the filling.‭

Most recipes call for the addition of canned tuna that has been drained,‭ ‬although it is possible to use fresh tuna.‭ ‬When using fresh tuna,‭ ‬it is important to cook the steak first before mincing it.‭ ‬Certain grades of tuna can be eaten rare or raw, but ‬uncooked tuna in a croquette might release water‭ ‬as it cooks‭ ‬and cause the croquette to fall apart.


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