What are Travel Alarm Clocks?

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Whether vacationing, heading out on a business trip, or traveling for other reasons, travel alarm clocks will ensure you have the means to effectively manage your time without relying on wake-up calls. Portable, easy to read, and easy to set, travel alarm clocks can wake you with familiar sounds, which is a soothing and comforting experience while traveling.

Anyone who spends time on the road is familiar with the disorienting feeling of adjusting to a new time zone and the overall fatigue that results from jet lag or from traveling long distances. Arrival to the destination usually results in a temporary surge of adrenaline that is quickly consumed by efforts to get settled into your accommodations. A different schedule, unfamiliar surroundings, new food and a variety of other stressors, both positive and negative can take their toll, but none worse than missing the very purpose of the trip. Whether it be a meeting, conference, or reservations for day-plans --such as a scuba dive or tee-off time -- travel alarm clocks eliminate the stress of a missed wake-up call.

Another advantage to travel alarm clocks is that the alarm can be pleasant. You might choose to awaken to a favorite CD, the sounds of an ocean, a soft radio, or even a gentle tone. If you are a hard sleeper requiring a loud alarm there's a clock for you too.


Some travel alarm clocks come in large pocketwatch-like cases that flip open, while others resemble mini stereos with speakers that rotate outward. Small travel alarm clocks can look similar to cell phones while others are LED-type clocks. Styling is extremely varied but the common feature of all is that they fold into their own protective carrying cases. These clocks can be as extravagant or austere as tastes demand, with as many choices for alarms as can be imagined. Travel alarm clocks are sold at department stores and luggage stores everywhere.

The next time you go traveling see if you don't enjoy the peace and comfort of taking along your own private wake-up call, and ensure your trip is a success, whatever its purpose.


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