What are Toning Tables?

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Commonly used as exercise equipment for physical therapy, senior citizen exercise, arthritis exercise and multiple sclerosis therapy, toning tables are also called induced rhythmic motion tables. They are popular with people who find normal exercise — even walking — difficult. Toning tables allow a person to sit or lie on them to do more than a dozen types of exercise movements that help to tone muscles and increase circulation.

When a person is injured or has limited movement capabilities, toning tables can facilitate an exercise regimen without the sweating and straining, helping to avoid further injury or problems. They also assist in helping to realign posture, which can relieve stress on muscles and joints. It is believed that toning tables can increase blood and lymph circulation, which can help improve a person’s metabolism. This can be especially helpful to a person who is not able to conduct regular physical movement, such as walking or other daily activities.

There are many types of toning tables available, and they can be found in physical therapist offices and private homes. Whole leg toning tables help to slenderize a person’s leg as well as tone and firm the inner and outer thighs. Stretch tables have a single pad that moves back and forth to work the upper arms, back and stomach area. The sit-up table moves back and forth between sitting and lying positions to strengthen muscles in the abdomen and waist areas.


The waist table works to raise and lower the legs repetitively, to tone the hips and strengthen the lower back. This is one of the most popular types of toning tables, because many physical therapy patients have chronic lower back pain. The sandbag table is designed with two pads that move back and forth while the person is in a seated position, allowing toning action in the buttocks. Circulation tables vibrate to increase blood flow and rid a person’s body of excess water. There are several toning tables that have more than one feature, allowing a flexible workout schedule.

This type of exercise equipment can help to relax and relieve overworked muscles while stimulating under-used muscle groups. Advocates of toning tables believe that they can help to tone outer muscles to improve a person’s body form and shape. They think toning tables can work to tighten core muscles, such as abdominal and shoulder muscles, to realign the rib cage, pelvis and spine.


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