What are Titanium Wedding Bands?

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Titanium is a very strong metal that is light, and scratch resistant. It is used in a variety of applications and has been employed on aircraft. It can be part of certain medical devices because it doesn’t tend to react with the human body. The strength of titanium, especially aircraft grade titanium, exceeds strength of many other metals used in jewelry, particularly gold, silver, and platinum. For this reason, a number of jewelers have begun to make titanium wedding bands that may prove particularly desirable.

In cost titanium wedding bands is about the same price or less than gold bands, though prices can vary and may go up if the ring design is elaborate or has precious stones. Colors include black, silver and even gold, and these bands now come in numerous styles and are designed for both men and women.

People may prefer titanium wedding bands because they don’t bend easily. Those who work in heavy labor situations, where rings might get scratched or dented may want to consider titanium. Others simply like the look of titanium, which can be shiny and just as pretty as other metals typically used for wedding rings. Prospective brides and grooms that are allergic to several metals may also want to consider titanium because it tends not to react with skin and is considered hypoallergenic.


There are some different strengths of titanium as mentioned. Those looking for a durable ring should choose types that are aircraft grade. Other kinds may not be that much more durable than gold or platinum according to those who sell titanium jewelry.

One disadvantage that may be noted with titanium rings is they may be difficult to resize, especially if they have stone settings. It isn’t true that it’s impossible to resize them, but it can take some significant work and expense, and most local jewelers, unless they work with titanium, won’t be able to accomplish this. The trouble with titanium wedding bands is that they’re usually meant to be worn for the life of a marriage, which can be a very long time, and frequent need to resize a ring as body sizes change can result in rendering it useless or it can become very expensive.

There is another urban legend circulating about titanium wedding bands. It is commonly believed that people wearing them who injure their hands or who get very swollen fingers will need to have amputation because the ring can’t be removed. This isn’t true, and these rings can be cut off. The may be beyond repair once they’re removed, but wearing one definitely doesn’t risk possible finger amputation at a later point.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- That is the perfect option for couples who find themselves undecided about the metals for their wedding bands. Titanium is also a great alternative for a man who works at a job in which he uses his hands to do work that may chip or dent a ring.

One way that a couple can get a closer match with their wedding bands when the man wants titanium and the woman wants gold is to choose white gold. Since titanium is similar in color, it is easier to match the two rings than if the bride chooses a yellow gold wedding band.

Post 1

Titanium wedding bands are great choices for men, even if the bride prefers a more traditional, gold band. Since most men do more types of activities that may potentially damage jewelry, it is a relief to them to have a wedding ring that won't bend or dent so they do not have to remove it frequently.

A great option for a woman and man who prefer different types of metals is for the bride to select her gold band first, then search for a titanium band that has a similar look for the groom. This is a good way for the man to have a titanium band without his wife having to give up the idea of having a traditional gold wedding band.

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