What are Threader Earrings?

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Traditional earrings have a post and backing. The backing device locks the earring on so it stays in place. Threader earrings are backed with light flexible chains, simply threaded through the piercing and allowed to dangle. As well, may threader earrings are woven through several piercings to give a coordinated and interesting look to those with multiple piercings. Threader earrings may also be marketed as ear threads or ear strings.

Threader earrings come in a huge range of styles and are now one of the “it” products for young stars. They are also quite popular among young people of all backgrounds, who are the most likely to have their ears pierced more than once. One can purchase threader earrings in virtually any department or accessory store, or from fine jewelers who have taken the simple and turned it into the artistic and expensive.

Jewelers may carry threader earrings in white or yellow gold, or in platinum. The dangling portion in the front is usually accessorized with one or more gemstones. Those with diamonds are likely to be the most expensive, and may cost anywhere from 400 to several thousand US dollars (USD), depending upon the quality and size of the jewels used. In general, jewels weigh less than a few carats, as the dangling effect can pull on the ear and become uncomfortable, particularly without the backing available on traditional earrings.


It is not necessary to go to considerable expense to get the threader. One can purchase a pair of threader earrings of good quality, or with costume gemstones for about 30 USD per pair on the Internet. They may also be obtained less expensively at accessory stores like Marie Claire, which sells fashionable accessories for usually less than 10 USD.

If you are allergic to certain metals you will need to consider the metal the earring is made with--most people tolerate gold well. One can get gold coated or non-allergenic metals in threader earrings. However, one will usually have to pay a little more for gold. Achieving the look may be well worth the price for the fashion conscious.


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Post 2

@ocelot60- I have worn threader earrings before, and I liked them. However, if you are doing strenuous activities, they can become twisted. I think that this type of earring is best left for special occasions.

Post 1

Does anyone know if threader earrings have the tendency to become crooked in the ear? I like the idea of this type of earring, but it does seem like they may be difficult to wear.

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