What Are Themed Weddings?

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Traditionally, a wedding theme has generally been a favorite color combination, often chosen for a season like spring or autumn, or a holiday such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. More recently, new concepts for themed weddings have come into vogue, with couples opting for wedding styles that reflect their pet hobbies or other interests. These themed weddings may reflect a period in history such as the Renaissance or the 1960s, or feature themes from popular movies and television shows. For example, fans of the Harry Potter series may choose to celebrate their wedding with a magical theme, while science fiction aficionados might choose a Star Trek motif. Some other popular concepts for contemporary themed weddings are sports, country and western, and beach.

Couples who love sports might choose to celebrate their wedding by incorporating the colors of their favorite team and objects related to that sport. Invitations, decorations, flowers, and wedding party gifts and clothing can all be designed to reflect that theme. The invitations for a football wedding might be adorned with footballs and helmets, while the invitations for a wedding with a baseball theme might feature bats and catcher’s mitts. This theme can be continued at the reception with the guests at a baseball-themed wedding, for example, being served hot dogs and beer while the bride throws a baseball instead of a bouquet. Other sports that are popular in themed weddings include horseback riding, fishing, golf, tennis, and boating.


Some couples want their wedding day to express their love of country and western music or the country lifestyle. A bride and groom choosing this type of themed wedding may forego the traditional wedding dress and tuxedo to wear western-style shirts with jeans, cowboy hats, and boots. The wedding party may be similarly attired, and the wedding may take place in a barn or corral.

A couple who loves the water may decide to have a themed wedding with a water or beach motif. This couple may choose to have their wedding barefoot on the seashore with waves flowing around their feet, to get married beside their favorite recreational lake, or have the captain of a cruise ship marry them at sea. If their budget doesn’t allow a waterside getaway, however, they may choose to get married in beachwear and decorate with seashells, fish, boats, and other marine paraphernalia. The bride and groom might wear jewelry featuring starfish, anchors, dolphins, or other sea creatures, and this would also make a perfect gift for the wedding party.


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Post 3

I have an idea for a themed wedding but to really pull off the design scheme I would need a lot of props that I have no idea how to get my hands on. Any suggestions where I can find that kind of stuff? It is definitely not available in a party supply store but maybe there is some kind of party rental company I could go through?

Post 2

I went to a wedding once that had a theme but not as silly a theme as many of these weddings. It was a 20s speak easy kind of theme. Many of the guests wore period costumes and they had a live jazz band and the reception hall was made up to look like a fancy old timey bar.

It was a lot of fun. And the theme was not too aggressive. Mostly it was like any other wedding except the groom had a pin stripe suit and the bride was dressed like a flapper.

Post 1
I went to a Star Wars themed wedding a few years back. The groom was Luke and the bride was Leia which was kind of weird because in the movies they are brother and sister. But who else would they have been really? I guess maybe Han Solo but Luke just made the most sense.

It was a pretty cool wedding overall. The guests could dress in costume or in their normal clothes if they wanted. It was a nice alternative to the normal wedding and it was cool that they got exactly the ceremony that they wanted.

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