What Are the Uses of Urine Therapy for Cancer?

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Some of the uses of urine therapy for cancer include drinking urine to stop the spread of liver cancer, as well as applying urine topically for treating cancer of the skin. While drinking urine is one of the ways most often discussed in subjects of urine therapy for cancer, urine can also be injected into the skin. Other uses of urine therapy include topically applying urine for the treatment of acne, as well as applying it to the skin to relieve severe itching.

Often referred to as urea therapy, this type of treatment has been used by various people to treat a vast array of symptoms. It has also been used to maintain hydration and nutrition during emergencies. Several people whom doctors maintain would have otherwise died after being stranded for several days following a disaster have been spared by drinking their own urine.

A misconception that urine is toxic waste persists, but laboratory studies of human urine reveal that it is actually filled with nutritious extracts that the body needs to survive. In fact, urine is only eliminated because it is not immediately needed by the body, but in times of crisis the sustaining nutrients it provides can actually be life-saving. A few of the nutrients commonly found in urine include magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.


Researchers studying urine therapy for cancer have found it to be particularly effective in treating liver cancer. Scientists have found that a compound known as urea, which is contained in urine, actually converts into a useful amino acid, as well as boosts the immune system. Urea also stops cancer cells from forming larger groups and, in some cases, actually kills cancerous cells altogether. Using urine therapy for cancer has also been found to stop and reverse certain cancers of the skin.

In addition to urine therapy for cancer, individuals who have used urine on the skin have found it to be quite beneficial in relieving skin irritations that cause itchiness. After using a urine moisturizer, many people have also found relief from severely dry skin. Individuals who use urine therapy for acne have likewise found it to be effective in halting skin eruptions. While many cringe at the idea of ingesting adult urine or applying it to the skin, many who use urine therapy for acne do so by using an infant child's urine, instead.

Experts who recommend urine therapy for treating cancer advise that individuals do so under the continued supervision of a doctor and only use urine that has been collected mid-stream. In addition to this, urine that is collected during the night should be avoided. Experts further advise that individuals using urine therapy for cancer, acne and other ailments drink adequate amounts of water for individual body weight and size per day, and limit foods high in sodium and protein as much as possible in an attempt to assure that urine is as clean, clear and as nutritious as possible.


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