What are the Uses of Sulphur in Homeopathy?

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Sulphur in homeopathy may be most often administered for conditions marked by burning pain, foul odors, itching, or irritability. It is often diluted with a mixture of alcohol and water, or with milk, to fashion homeopathic remedies. Homeopaths often recommend sulphur treatments for skin problems. It's considered effective for digestive complaints. In women, sulphur treatments may be beneficial for relieving the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, and sulphur may also be prescribed for mental disturbances such as stress or depression, or for cough, headache, fever, and eye infections and respiratory infections.

The use of sulphur as a remedy for skin conditions may date back as far as 2,000 years. Sulphur in homeopathy is still used to treat skin conditions, especially those characterized by itchiness, inflammation, dryness, and scaling. Diaper rash, eczema, and candidiasis, or skin yeast infection, can all benefit from the use of homeopathic remedies containing sulphur.

Sulphur remedies are believed to alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women. Sulphur is said to relieve both the physical symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, as well as the emotional symptoms, such as irritability and mood swings. Sulphur's perceived ability to influence the mind and emotions has earmarked it as a homeopathic remedy for depression, irritability, absentmindedness, and stress. People who suffer from indecisiveness, listlessness, and nightmares may benefit from treatment with sulphur in homeopathy. This remedy is also said to strengthen willpower and passion.


A range of digestive complaints are believed to benefit from treatment with sulphur in homeopathy, including indigestion, vomiting and chronic diarrhea. People who experience a worsening of symptoms in the early hours of the day, or who experience worsened symptoms after drinking milk, may be best suited for this remedy. Sulphur remedies may also be administered to treat hemorrhoids and anal fissures, especially when accompanied by inflammation, burning, and itching around the anus.

Other conditions that can benefit from treatment with sulphur in homeopathy may include conjunctivitis and general inflammation of the eyes, migraine, headache, and fever. Sulphur may be administered to treat pain in the lower back due to sitting, standing, or bending for long periods of time, as well as that caused by menstrual cramps. Sulphur may help treat respiratory infections, especially those accompanied by green or yellow discharge or sneezing. It may be administered as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in men.

Practitioners of homeopathy typically believe that sulphur remedies are best suited to those with passionate, creative, and intellectual personalities. These people are believed to become more sensitive to unpleasant odors when they are sick, and they are believed to experience thirst more often than hunger.


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Post 15

What is the correct dosage of Sulphur 200cc for psoriasis?

Post 14

Is sulphur a good treatment for stubborn tinea versicolour?

Post 13

I have used homeopathic sulphur for constant chronic diarrhea (suffered for 12 months) cured overnight with sulphur. Miracle. -- Judy.

Post 12

I am using sulphur 30c to help with my burning feet. It is very effective.

Post 11

I have been given sulphur 30 by a homeopath to treat my psoriasis. I'm five weeks into this treatment and have noticed discomfort with bowel movements and an increase in redness in affected areas, which I was told would happen. I have a follow up appointment this week. The sulphur was taken internally. Here's hoping.

Post 10

Does sulfur 200 aid in smoking cessation?

Post 9

I use sulphur for an egg white allergy. I can't eat egg white. I can't even eat cake. If I do, I suffer with abdominal pain (colic) and cry, but after use of sulphur I feel good. But I don't know the side effects of sulphur.

Post 8

What about sulphur during pregnancy for he treatment of hypertension?

Post 6

Homeopathic medicine for any treatment depends upon the mental situation of a person. My six month old daughter has severe eczema and was troubled with long use of steroid. I consulted a homoeopath and the medicine cured her severe eczema that had been going on for four months in just two doses of 10 days. So consult a good doctor before taking any medicine.

Post 5

@stonemason: You need to get a panchakarma treatment in Ayurvedic. Go to Kerala and get it done.

Post 4

I'm allergic to sulphur. Can I take homeopathic sulphur in a mixed form?

Post 3

I'm using a sulphur homeopathic remedy to fight body odor. It's highly effective! My sister also learned about sulphur and treated her scabies with it!

Post 2

@MikeMason-- Yes, sulphur can be helpful for psoriasis. Sulphur in homeopathy is usually prescribed for skin conditions that have symptoms like dryness and itchiness. Psoriasis definitely fits that category. As far as I know sulphur has to be taken internally.

If you're planning on using sulphur, make sure to go to a licensed homeopathy practitioner first for an examination. Follow the practitioner's recommendations about the dose and frequency of treatments.

Some people buy homeopathic cures online and use them on their own without supervision or guidance. That's dangerous. Just because something is natural doesn't meant that it can't be harmful.

Post 1

Can sulphur help with psoriasis?

I suffer from psoriasis and I'm looking for a natural, homeopathic treatment. I have not had good results with treatments prescribed by my doctor.

Has anyone tried sulphur for psoriasis? Is it used topically or taken internally?

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