What are the Uses of Silica in Homeopathy?

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There are various uses of silica in homeopathy, and it can be prescribed for a number of reasons. It can be used as a mood treatment for things like lack of assertiveness, lack of confidence, indecisiveness, and exhaustion. Some practitioners also use it for medical reasons, such as vulnerability to colds, sore throat, and headaches accompanied by nausea. Others use it to treat excessive underarm or foot perspiration.

Silica, also called silicea, is derived from quartz or flint and is a mineral present in the earth’s crust. It is also present in human cartilage and bones. This compound is used primarily to treat chronic conditions, although it can also be prescribed for more general problems, such as the common cold. In addition, it is sometimes used to treat personality disorders.

There is a specific personality type suited to silica in homeopathy, and people who match that type are said to benefit from the silica treatment. The "silica type" is someone with pallid and brittle skin, easily breakable hair, and a susceptibility to tiredness and infections. This group also includes people who feel cold all the time and who are terrified of public speaking.


The main intended effects of using silica include strengthening brittle hair and nails, treating skin conditions, preventing dandruff, and healing scars. Silica also reportedly enhances the absorption of nutrients. Some people also use silica to remove foreign objects from the body. This can be anything from a splinter to a small shard of glass.

Silica is sold in gel or tablet form, in concentrations ranging from 12X to 30C. The Roman numerals X and C are used to show how much the active ingredient has been diluted, while the number represents the amount of times this dilution has been repeated. The X in 12X symbolizes that the solution has been diluted one part active ingredient to nine parts water, and the process repeated 12 times. The C in 30C stands for 100, meaning that one part silica has been diluted in 99 parts water, and the process repeated 30 times.

The dilution that takes place with silica and other homeopathic treatments has led many medical professionals to question its effectiveness. Many believe that homeopathic medicine works on the basis of the placebo effect. Patients are advised to seek help from a medical professional if their symptoms persist.


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Post 4

I think it is important to discuss taking something like silica with your doctor. Because silica is a mineral, I know there are advantages to this and that many people have had good results with it.

Even though this is often used for chronic conditions, I have also heard long time use of this supplement can be dangerous.

My friend was taking this supplement for years, and one day she was discussing this with her doctor. He said that in some cases, you can overdose on this and cause long term kidney damage.

This is just something to be aware of and to check it out with your doctor before taking something like this for a long time.

I know any time I go to the doctor now, they want to know all of the vitamins, herbs and supplements I am taking in addition to any prescription medications.

Post 3

@honeybees - I think as far as natural remedies go, silica is safe and inexpensive enough that it would be worth trying.

I have had mixed results in the past when taking silica. I began taking it in the fall to prevent the numerous colds and sore throat I would get through the winter season.

As far as my colds went, I think the silica had more of a placebo effect than anything else. I don't think I had as many sore throats, but don't think it made much of a difference overall.

What I can say about using the silica for 3-4 months was the difference I noticed in my hair and nails. I always had brittle nails that would never grow because they would crack and chip.

After consistently taking a silica supplement, I had stronger fingernails that actually had some length on them.

Post 2

What I find so interesting about silica is how it is used for a certain personality type. Has anyone ever used silica homeopathic treatment for someone who is always sick, tired and cold?

When reading about this personality type I immediately thought of my aunt. She is kind of a frail woman who has been sickly her whole life.

She seems to fight colds all the time and sometimes when she gets one, it will keep her indoors for weeks at a time.

She also doesn't have much energy and always complains of being cold all the time no matter what time of year it is.

When I visit her house in the winter, I can't

stay very long because she keeps it so hot in her house. I have sweat rolling off of me and she is wrapped up in a blanket and still cold.

If something like taking some organic silica would help her, it would certainly be worth a try. She doesn't really like to take prescription medications and I think she would be willing to try something natural like this if it would help.

Post 1

I have always had sweaty feet and this problem is not only annoying, but can be embarrassing too.

I had tried just about everything I could think of and nothing worked. A friend of mine recommended I try taking some silica tablets.

I had never heard of silica tablets before so began doing a little bit of research. My friend uses a lot of homeopathic remedies and usually gets pretty good results so I decided to give it a try.

Taking the silica supplement was a very good idea. Not only did I notice an improvement in my sweaty feet, but within a couple weeks my hair felt much thicker and stronger too.

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