What are the Uses of Goat Colostrum?

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There are a few main uses of goat colostrum. Some studies have indicated that it may help improve immune function and that it helps to raise the levels of certain hormones or enzymes in the body. The most basic use for the colostrum of goats, though, is to feed and nourish their offspring.

The most natural and longstanding use of goat colostrum is in the feeding of baby goats during their first few days of life. Colostrum is present in all mammals, and is the earliest form of milk which is secreted in the first few days after birth. It is vitally important because it is full of antibodies which help the newborn kid to resist disease while its immune system is at its lowest functioning level. Any illness the mother goat has come in contact with and created antibodies against will result in immunoglobulin being passed on to her offspring for that particular illness.

Humans have found uses for goat colostrum as well, utilizing the same immune boosting effects. Some studies have indicated that taking supplements made from goat’s colostrum or goat’s milk can help rev up the immune system and help people prevent disease. Another benefit may include an increased resistance to allergens.


Aside from enhancing immune function, goat colostrum may also be a natural treatment for mild depression. It contains levels of the mood-boosting hormones dopamine and serotonin. Deficiencies in either of these substances are linked with depression, anxiety, and a host of other mental and mood disorders. By replacing them, mood may improve over time. This is especially advantageous for those who do not tolerate antidepressants or who do not wish to take medication long-term.

To get the best results from using goat colostrum, consumers should search for the most natural supplement. Organically fed goats are the optimum choice for supply, as well as those who are not given antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. It is also important to choose brands which do not limit baby goats' access to colostrum.

As with any supplement, it is a good idea to discuss the use of goat colostrum with a health care provider. Since colostrum and milk are different in composition, those with milk intolerance or allergies can often take this type of supplement with no problem. Those with compromised immune systems may also find them safe and beneficial, especially those who are resistant to or leery of medications.


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Post 4

POST 2: Teeth grinding in the old days was a sign of parasites or worms.

Post 3

@turquoise-- Actually, colostrum is not milk. It's a yellow fluid that is secreted immediately after birth. Milk is not secreted until after colostrum. All mammals produce this, it transfers maternal antibodies to the newborn immediately to protect from disease.

So it might be harder to get fresh goat colostrum than you think. Most farmers, unless they sell colostrum will have the baby goats drink it because they need it.It's also not something that anyone would want to drink taste wise.

You could however request milk from a goat that has just delivered. The milk will most likely include some colostrum in it. Most people though don't have access to goat milk products, so supplements are the better choice

I think.

I'm not surprised that goat colostrum was suggested for your son. It really is beneficial for so many things. I'm taking it too, as a supplement for diabetes. I developed diabetes five years ago and recently heard that goat colostrum is great for it. It's too early to know if it's helping but I'm sure it is.

Post 2

Is it better to take goat colostrum as a supplement or the milk itself in fresh form?

My eight year old son grinds his teeth. We've taken him to so many dentists and even child psychologists but have not been able to resolve it. He is grinding his teeth away at night. He goes through a mouth guard in less than a month!

A friend of mine's sister is a doctor and she suggested that we supplement my son with goat colostrum. She said that there have been medical studies done on this and the mood-boosting, antibody-rich goat colostrum has been found to treat teeth grinding.

I'm really excited about this possible treatment, especially because it's natural

and will not have side effects. I'm wondering now if it would be better for my son to have this milk fresh rather than as a supplement?

We have a lot of farms where we live that sell goat dairy so I don't think getting goat colostrum milk will be difficult. I just want what will benefit my son the most. Any suggestions?

Post 1

Wow, I didn't know that goat colostrum has so many benefits. I knew that it has a high nutritional value and that it's packed with proteins. But I wasn't aware of all it's benefits for the immune system.

My family is from South India, from Karnataka and we make a dessert from goat colostrum called "ginnu." Most Southern Indians used to be farmers and herders, they still are to most extent. That's why they developed this recipe made with colostrum milk. Some people make it with cow colostrum but my family makes it with goat colostrum.

It's a dessert made by steaming a mixture of goat milk colostrum, spices, sugar and molasses. It comes out kind of like pudding but it's very firm and can even be cut into pieces. It's very delicious.

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