What are the Types of Questions on a Security Guard Test?

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There are some typical questions found on the security guard test usually required for those who hope to be employed as security personnel. While the questions can vary slightly, depending on local laws and whether security work is armed or unarmed, they usually pertain to key requirements of a career in security. These questions often ask about applicable regional security laws, procedure for legal arrests and searches, the proper use of force and weapons, and emergency first aid.

The most common questions on a security guard test ask about proper security procedures for managing certain scenarios. These are usually based on the common on-the-job situations a security guard encounters. An example of a question may be “how to secure a shopping mall entrance when a child gets lost?” The best answer would be to follow procedures set forth by the security company and local authorities when a situation like this occurs.

Another general question found on a test for a security guard might ask about how to detain a suspected criminal. The correct answer will be based on the local regulations regarding the use of force. If the security guard is unarmed, then obviously the use of force would be discouraged because it could possible endanger the guard plus innocent bystanders. In this case, the right answer would be to call the police and let them handle the arrest.


Security guard hopefuls who will be armed may be asked to answer additional security guard questions on the use of weapons, making arrests, and conducting search and seizures on the job. While each security guard test question will address these specific areas, it is important to understand the laws pertaining to the procedures. Failure to understand these laws can result in lawsuit, injuries, or delays in processing criminals through the legal system.

Lastly, it is best to be trained in emergency care and response in order to answer the questions found on a security guard test. A typical question may be "How do you perform CPR on a child under the age of five?" Being certified in CPR, first aid, and other life saving techniques are often requirements of security guard work, so being familiar with the way to handle these matters. Be prepared to answer the most common questions about how to handle critical care if an emergency medical situation occurs.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- I think the questions that will be on the security officer test that your nephew has to take will depend on the type of test it is. While the most common security officer test is one that students take during training, some companies also require potential new security guards to take tests before being hired.

I think that the types of tests given to students of security guard programs have fairly standard questions like the ones mentioned in this article. However, a test given by a company that is hiring security guards might have a combination of refresher questions and some that are specific to the company. Your nephew might also expect some questions about how to deal

with possible security issues he might face on the job.

The best thing that you can do for your nephew to help him prepare for security officer testing is to reassure him. Make sure he studies the materials he learned in school, and suggest that he do some research about the companies where he will be looking for employment.

Post 1

My nephew is studying to become a security guard, and he has to take a test to qualify. He is very nervous about it, because he isn't good at dealing with the pressure of taking tests. I was wondering if there might be other types of questions on his security officer test, and how can I help him prepare for it?

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