What are the Treatments for Male Yeast Infection?

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Some people may equate yeast infections with women, but men can develop them, too. Fortunately, there are over-the-counter (OTC) treatments for male yeast infection. Treating a male yeast infection typically involves buying an OTC cream that is labeled for use with vaginal yeast infections. A man may spread the cream on the affected area twice per day for about a week. Spending some time without underwear to allow air to get to the area, wearing cotton underwear, and avoiding sexual intercourse until the infection has cleared completely may help as well.

Before a man considers treatments for male yeast infection, he will usually have to make sure he really has a yeast infection instead of another type of genital infection. Generally, a man with a yeast infection will notice redness and irritation in the genital area. He may have a rash as well as itching and burning that is particularly noticeable on or around the tip of his penis. Once a man is sure he has a yeast infection, he may treat it with OTC medications. If he isn’t sure, however, or if this is the first time he’s experienced such symptoms, he may do well to seek a doctor’s diagnosis.


The most commonly used treatments for male yeast infection are those that can be purchased without a prescription. A man may buy the same medicated creams a woman does, which often contain miconazole or clotrimazole, to get rid of a yeast infection. Unlike a woman, however, he won’t use the cream internally. Instead, he’ll likely need to apply it to the affected area twice daily. With regular application, such a cream may get rid of male yeast infection symptoms in about a week.

Besides OTC medications, there are some natural treatments for male yeast infection. He may, for example, wear cotton underwear, which allow his genital area to get more air circulation, and avoid very tight pants. He may also do well to change out of workout clothes and wet swimwear right away. He may even temporarily go without underwear when he is at home in order to allow the area to breathe. Additionally, avoiding sex during treatment may help to prevent the spread of the yeast infection to a sexual partner and make reinfection less likely.

Sometimes the typical treatments for male yeast infection don’t work as expected or yeast infections reoccur frequently. In such a case, a man may do well to seek prescription-strength medication from his doctor. If a man has experienced repeated cases of male yeast infection, however, he may also undergo testing to rule out an underlying condition such as diabetes.


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Post 3

@ddljohn-- Does your partner have a yeast infection? That's how men usually get it. Just use a cream formulated to treat women's yeast infection. It's the same yeast so it will work. If your partner has it, she needs to treat hers as well. Otherwise, you will get it again when you have intercourse without a condom. Both of you need to wait until the yeast infections are gone to be sexually active again.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- Have you seen your doctor?

Yeast infection symptoms are quite distinguishable, but it's still a good idea to get checked out to make sure that there isn't something else. Your doctor will know after examination what the cause is or he or she will run a test to confirm. I think you should use the OTC treatments only after you've confirmed that it's a yeast infection.

I imagine that male yeast infection home remedies are the same as women's remedies. Women use remedies like plain yogurt, tea tree oil and garlic. But I think that anti-fungal creams are better.

Post 1

I think I have a male yeast infection. I didn't even know that this is possible, but I have all the symptoms. I'm going to pick up an OTC cream today, I hope it works. Are there any home cures for male yeast infection?

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