What are the Symptoms of a Strep Infection in the Throat?

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Streptococcus, or a strep infection in the throat, is accompanied by various symptoms. The first noticeable symptom is often white patches in the back of the mouth near the tonsils. This may be accompanied by swollen lymph glands and fever. Many patients report a sore throat and difficulty swallowing. A cough may or may not be present, but patients who do experience coughing often do so violently.

White patches in the mouth can often be noticed when there is a bacterial infection present. This normally indicates pus, a light colored fluid caused by bacteria. Although many people with a strep infection in the throat have patches such as these, their absence does not necessarily rule out streptococcus. Some individuals may experience red sores, especially on the tonsils, during an outbreak of strep throat.

The tonsils as well as the lymph nodes may swell due to a strep infection in the throat. The lymph nodes are located along the sides of the neck, and may also become tender to the touch. This can cause difficulty swallowing for many patients. Other times, people report that food tastes funny or has no flavor at all. This can be because bacteria in the mouth can temporarily alter sensations in the taste buds.


Patients with streptococcus may also experience a fever. This is normally noticed anywhere from one to four days after contracting the infection. Fever is the body's natural defense to warding off bacteria, but temperatures higher than 103° F (39.44° C) can be dangerous. People who experience high fevers or run one for more than three consecutive days should seek the advice of a physician.

A strep infection in the throat may or may not be accompanied by a cough. It is generally a dry cough, which means no mucous is present. People who do have a cough when they have a strep infection often do cough very deeply because of the pain they have in their tonsils and throat. This can lead to vomiting if the episodes are violent enough to involve wretching of the stomach.

Antibiotics are normally prescribed to treat cases of streptococcus. This means that people who experience most of these symptoms may need to seek the advice of a physician. He can usually perform a simple test to determine whether a patient is suffering from a strep infection in the throat. When treated promptly, patients normally recover quickly and reduce the possibility of spreading the infection to others.


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Post 3

I think infections tend to play out a little differently in everyone. Most people who have a strep throat infection don't have ear pain but I do. My ear feels flaming hot and it hurts, along with my throat and neck.

I'm feeling a little bit better today since starting antibiotics but I think it's going to take a good week for me to feel one hundred percent better.

Post 2

@anamur-- It's not possible to know whether you have a strep infection without your doctor taking a swab and sending it for testing.

It definitely sounds like you have a throat infection and you should see your doctor to find out what it is.

When I had strep throat, I did have a swollen throat as well as swollen lymph nodes. My throat was so painful that it was difficult to swallow and I had thick phlegm. I didn't have a fever, but I rarely get fevers, even when I'm really sick.

I think you have enough strep throat symptoms to see a doctor and get tested for it.

Post 1

Does a strep throat infection cause yellow phlegm?

My throat has been swollen and sore for the past few days and this morning, I coughed up yellow phlegm.

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