What Are the Support Options for Children of Autistic Parents?

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Literature is helpful for providing facts and even sharing experiences, but it’s usually not enough for someone looking for support. Fortunately, there is a variety of support options for children of autistic parents, ranging from health care providers who specialize in autism to support groups consisting of fellow children of autistic parents. Of course, the resources a person with an autistic parent chooses will depend on his personal preferences.

One of the first, and perhaps the best, ways to find support options for children of autistic parents is to talk with a health care provider. This might be the doctor of the child or the health care provider of the parent with autism. Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counselors are all in touch with various support resources. Sometimes, even medical doctors can help people find support for children of autistic parents. People who have parents with autism can also contact their community mental health centers for any local, regional, or even national resources of information and support.


Support groups are excellent resources for information, assistance, and encouragement for children of autistic parents. Such a support group might be local, such as at a community mental health center, or online in a chat room, e-mail group, or forum. Traditional support groups often encourage members to share stories and pieces of advice, tips, or personal experiences. Sometimes, professionals speak at these support groups and provide informational and educational materials. Online support groups offer a certain convenience and anonymity to members, who can log on at any time, and a person with an autistic parent might choose an online group for these reasons.

Sometimes, on- and offline community settings aren’t support groups in the traditional sense, but they still provide helpful resources for children of autistic parents. Websites and blogs dedicated to autism, and especially the topic of autistic parents, can provide such resources. The same is true of groups dedicated to raising awareness of and resources for autism in general.

When adequate support isn’t available, a child with an autistic parent might choose to create his own resource. He might work with local health care professionals and community health centers to create a support group, or he might start his own online support group in the form of a message board, forum, or weekly chat. He might decide to create a website or blog about parents with autism, so he can provide his knowledge with others and invite them to share their own.


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