What are the Some Easy Knitting Projects?

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Many people who take up knitting for the first time aren’t ready for a demanding pattern. Nevertheless, they may wish for an easy knitting project that allows them to actually feel they are making something, rather than just practicing. Easy knitting projects can provide an opportunity to make practice productive.

Easy knitting can be characterized by several different traits. First, having a small size means a project is undemanding in time and attention. Second, having a consistent and uncomplicated stitch pattern means that there’s less worry about making a mistake, and once one gets the hang of it, one can just keep going. Third, a project that ends up flat may essentially be done when one casts off, and this is another way of keeping projects easy.

Small easy knitting projects that make a good starting point for beginning knitters include items for dolls. Furnishings for a dollhouse are one example, and attractive knit curtains, napkins, dishcloths, and rugs can be made. Blankets for a doll’s bed are one another possibility, or a comforter to tuck in a doll going for a stroller ride. All of these projects can be rectangular and made with any combination of stitches the knitter is comfortable with.


Knitting projects that have the attributes of consistent stitch patterns and being flat, and therefore involve minimal challenges might include larger items than the doll’s accoutrements. Shawls, throws, and baby blankets are larger, but are easy knitting in the sense of doing the same thing all the way through with no added complications. Scarves, wash cloths, and — by using a very small stitch — belts, are also possible.

Sometimes, easy knitting can be dressed up with other arts — through the use of a needle and thread or a sewing machine, for example. Either of these will allow several flat pieces to be assembled or made into a tube. This expands the range of projects, allowing for pillow covers, hats, flat purses, and slippers. Covers for items become a possibility, including toaster covers, tea cozies, cell phone and PDA covers, and soft eyeglass cases. Turning flat knit pieces into tubes allows the construction of simple stuffed animals.

An alternative way to dress up simple projects is by adding decorative elements. These could include yarn tassels, ribbons, or a loop to hang an item by. Additionally, one could sew on a label, either to identify the owner or to identify the maker of the item.


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Post 3

One suggestion if you are hoping to make something quickly is to give knitting with a loom a try.

If you have a round one (which you can get from a craft store for very cheap) you can make a beanie hat in about an hour or so.

It's really easy to learn, although the way you use it isn't very similar to knitting. The finished item looks as though it has been knitted, though.

Post 2

It's nice to live in the age of the internet where there are all kinds of free easy knitting patterns online.

You can even find step by step videos and photographic instructions on how to do basically any kind of knitting project. I really like this because even when I've mastered the basics I like to double check and make sure I'm still doing it right when incorporating a new technique.

One thing that I might suggest that could make you feel like you're really achieving something is find some kind of knitting charity.

I've heard of people knitting for orphans, or refugees, or even for animals in disasters.

My favorite is the charity that gets people to knit for penguins who have been caught in oil spills.

They usually provide a simple pattern for you to follow although you can chose the colors. And how often do you get to dress up a penguin however you like?

Post 1

I think the most easy of all knitting patterns is always going to be a simple scarf. The best thing about it is that if you drop a stitch or make another kind of mistake, it's not really going to show up on the finished product, since you are going to be looping it around your neck anyway.

Unfortunately, it's not going to really teach you how to count stitches or anything like that, but it's nice and simple and gives you a chance to really get used to the motion of knitting.

Knitting really feels like a chore until you can do it automatically and I was quite happy to learn that first before getting complicated with patterns and different kinds of stitches and things like that.

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