What are the Signs of Gestational Diabetes?

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Signs of gestational diabetes may differ with each individual, however, some common warning signs may include intense thirst or a burning sensation upon urinating. These are common symptoms of non-gestational diabetes as well. Other signs of gestational diabetes may be unexplained infections or extreme itching.

Some pregnant women may develop gestational diabetes during the first or second trimester of pregnancy. Typically, this condition resolves and disappears after childbirth. Another sign also may be a feeling of extreme tiredness or lack of energy.

When gestational diabetes develops, some women may also experience issues with vision that were not present before pregnancy. Unclear or cloudy vision may be an early sign. In most cases, these symptoms will generally clear up after delivery.

A change in the patterns of eating may also be early signs of gestational diabetes. The individual may experience extreme hunger and consume a great deal more in calories. Issues with weight may also be a sign of gestational diabetes. The individual may find that she has gained more weight than normal. Conversely, losing weight at a rapid pace is also one of the various symptoms.

Symptoms of gestational diabetes, although not very common, may also include numbness of the extremities. A tingling or burning sensation of the fingers, arms, or legs may occur in some cases. This could also mean other complications have set in, or the condition has become progressively worse.


Bladder or urinary tract infections may be signs of gestational diabetes. Self diagnosis is not recommended, and to protect the health of her unborn child, the individual should seek advice from a health care professional. The doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics in the case of infection.

Some women also suffer from stomach distress if they have developed gestational diabetes. Symptoms such as nausea or vomiting may not be associated with morning sickness signs. Upset stomach and indigestion may be warning signs of diabetes in pregnancy.

It's important to remember that very often, gestational diabetes produces few, if any, symptoms. Although any of the mentioned symptoms may be a cause for concern, the only definite way to detect gestational diabetes is for the physician to run a test. If necessary, the doctor may recommend a total change in diet to reduce blood sugar or glucose levels. Moderate exercise may also be beneficial, but should be done under a doctor's recommendation and care. In more extreme cases, when diet or exercise is not effective, insulin may be prescribed on a short-term basis.


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Post 3

My sister had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her second. The symptom she experienced was sudden weight gain around the stomach area. Apparently, this is a sign of type 2 diabetes. She was also more thirsty than usual. Her doctor ran a blood test and found her fasting glucose to be too high. She just had to take anti-diabetic medication during her pregnancy and watch her diet. Thankfully, treatment for mild cases of gestational diabetes is fairly easy.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- Although different types of issues can accompany pregnancy due to the changes occurring to the body, a woman will still know when something is seriously wrong.

Yes, one may feel more hungry and thirsty than usual during pregnancy. But the kind of thirst and hunger associated with gestational diabetes is very severe. And often, it develops quickly. A woman can definitely tell if she is drinking more water than she did before and urinating more as a result. For example, drinking so much water that one has to get up in the night to urinate is a major sign of diabetes. Nausea as a result of eating something high in carbohydrates and sugar is another major symptom. Sudden weight loss, sudden bouts of hypoglycemia causing dizziness, fatigue and blurry vision are symptoms as well.

Post 1

I think it must be difficult to diagnose gestational diabetes if the doctor doesn't check for it routinely. Because many of the symptoms mentioned here are ones that pregnant women already experience. Fatigue, thirst, hunger, nausea and vomiting are symptoms often seen during pregnancy. The only symptom that stands out is infections, which is not normal under any circumstance and must be treated quickly. Otherwise, I thin a mother-to-be may easily ignore symptoms of gestational diabetes.

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