What are the Safest Ways to Deposit Money?

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When depositing money, it's important to think about both physical and technological safety. There are many options for making deposits, including through a bank teller, using the ATM, through the mail, or by leaving it in the night depository. Some banks even offer the option of mobile deposits, where a person can take a picture of his or her check with a smartphone or scanner and submit deposits online. If someone is going to deposit money in cash, it's safest to make the deposit during the day and in person, when other people are around and security measures are in place. It is also best to get a receipt or confirmation number that allows the account holder to prove the deposit was made in the first place.

Physical safety is often a concern when someone makes a deposit. It's safest to deposit money during the day, in a well-populated and secure area. If money must be deposited at night, the person should make sure the area is well-lit, and not isolated from other people. It can also be safer for at least two people to make the deposit, since they may be less likely to be a target for a thief.


If a person chooses to deposit money in a checking account, whether it be his own or someone else's account, using a bank teller, ATM, or the mail can provide proof that the deposit was made. All three options provide the proof required in case the bank comes back later and says that the deposit was not made or there is an error in the amount. When someone chooses to deposit money in the ATM or with a teller, he or she receives a receipt that includes the date, time, and amount of the deposit. If the deposit is mailed, using services like priority, certified, or return receipt mailing can allow the deposit to be tracked.

The safest ways to deposit money also depend on what type of money someone is depositing. For example, if the deposit is in cash, it is safer to deposit it with a teller in the bank lobby or through the drive-through rather than mail it or deposit it in the ATM. Since the individual teller has to count the cash immediately and make the deposit, it makes it less likely that there will be a dispute than if the person chooses to deposit money in the ATM or with the night deposit box.

When depositing checks, however, a wider variety of methods are just as safe as visiting a teller or ATM. With mobile deposits, for example, the online bank system supplies a confirmation or transaction number, which is verification that the deposit was made. Sending checks in the mail can also be just as safe since it can be tracked using a tracking number the post office or shipper supplies.


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