What are the Remedies for Sinus Eye Pressure?

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Some remedies for sinus eye pressure include using steam in the form of either a shower or vaporizer, pain medications, and heating pads. Sleeping in an elevated position as opposed to lying flat may also be helpful for relieving all types of sinus pressure because gravity helps the sinuses to drain more efficiently. If the eye pressure is due to infected sinuses, doctors occasionally prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infections. People with chronic eye pain related to their sinuses may have to have surgery to manually drain the mucous.

The use of steam for relieving sinus-related eye pressure may be one of the most effective home remedies, especially when used in combination with pain-relieving medication. If a person chooses to use the steam remedy in the shower, it is important to close all windows and place a towel in front of any door cracks so the steam does not escape. The steam should help the nasal and throat airways open up, which may relieve pressure by providing more room for the sinuses to drain freely. Another steam method involves using a kettle of boiling water or steam vaporizer. When a person uses this method, he should put his face over the steam and inhale deeply until some improvement is felt, taking care not to burn himself.


In addition to the steam methods, pain-relieving medications may also be helpful. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin may be more effective for relieving sinus eye pressure than acetaminophen because they tend to lessen swelling. Placing a warm heating pad over the eye might also help to relieve some sinus eye pressure. There are many over-the-counter products specifically designed for sinus relief, but it may be best for a person to see her doctor before she takes these medicines to be sure her sinuses are not infected. If there is an infection of the sinuses present, a doctor will most likely prescribe a round of antibiotics.

Some people constantly have problems with sinus eye pressure that does not respond well to most treatments. These people may be candidates for sinus surgery. During the procedure, a doctor typically makes a tiny incision inside the nose and inserts a tube to manually suck out the drainage from the sinuses. He may also take a sample of the drainage in an attempt to identify any bacteria present. The surgery is usually an outpatient procedure, and in some cases the sinus problem will return after the surgery.


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Post 4

Taking decongestants has always helped relieve my sinus eye pressure. I think that a decongestant will make the swelling go down and let mucus pass on through the sinuses.

I can't take ibuprofen or aspirin because of a kidney condition, so I look for decongestants that also contain acetaminophen. This helps with the sharp pains associated with the pressure until the decongestant can kick in and lessen the congestion.

Post 3

The easiest remedy is to soak a rag in hot water. Then, wring it out and lay it over your eyes and cheeks. Just lie back and let the warmth seep into your sinuses, and wet it down again whenever the effect wears off.

Post 2

@cloudel – I think that sinus infection symptoms like eye pressure are so severe so that we will be motivated to get treatment! It's really hard to deal with extreme pressure and pain for weeks at a time, and this can send even the most stubborn person to the doctor for help.

I tried to wait out my last sinus infection. Once I started feeling sharp pains and pressure in my face, I couldn't stand it anymore.

My doctor gave me antibiotics. They took care of the pain, the pressure, and the trapped mucus.

Post 1

I get this symptom of a sinus infection sometimes. The congestion is all around my eyes, and it also is in my nose and in my forehead.

I think some of the worst pressure is just off the corners of my eyes surrounding the bridge of my nose. I almost want to slice the skin with a knife just to relieve the pressure! Steam therapy helps some, but the pressure always returns as long as I have the infection.

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