What are the Pros and Cons of Wrought Iron Chairs?

Dan Cavallari

If a homeowner is looking for a highly ornate chair for a room, patio, deck, or porch, wrought iron chairs are a great choice. They are heavy duty, very stylish and ornate, and ready for years of regular use, but they are also quite expensive and will require routine maintenance. These chairs can rust, so they will need to be protected with paint or some other sealant fairly regularly, especially if the chairs are used outside. Wrought iron chairs are also quite heavy, so they may not be very easy to move around a yard.

Outdoor chairs and benches for public use have historically been made of wrought iron.
Outdoor chairs and benches for public use have historically been made of wrought iron.

One of the biggest advantages to wrought iron chairs is the fact that they never go out of style, so when a homeowner invests in purchasing a set of chairs, he or she can be guaranteed that the chairs will be useful and attractive for many years. These stable chairs will also be strong enough to withstand regular use, so they are a durable choice for a long-term investment. Most wrought iron chairs are fairly comfortable as well, and the comfort level of the chair can be improved simply by adding a cushion to the seat and/or seat back. Seat cushions can also help change or improve the aesthetic of the chairs.

An owner of wrought iron chairs should expect to have to repaint the chairs every year or ever few years. Paint can chip off the chairs easily, exposing the iron beneath to moisture from rain or snow, or simply from humidity in the air. When regularly exposed to moisture, the iron is likely to rust, which not only looks bad, but also compromises the strength of the iron. Rust should be removed before repainting to prevent it from spreading underneath the paint and further compromising the structural integrity and aesthetic value of the iron.

Some people consider the heavy weight of wrought iron to be an advantage, while others feel it is a disadvantage. It is advantageous to have heavier outdoor furniture because the heavy wrought iron chairs are not likely to tip over or blow away in strong winds. Heavy chairs are a disadvantage because moving them around an outdoor living space, or moving them from one part of a yard to another, can be difficult, especially for the elderly or people who are not especially conditioned for strength. If the chair should tip over for any reason, the weight of the chair can cause injury to people standing by.

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