What Are the Pros and Cons of Waxing for Hair Removal?

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Waxing for hair removal has both positive and negative aspects. Cosmetically, waxing often produces smooth results that last for up to eight weeks. Professional waxing is often very quick, accomplishing in one or two swipes what can take hours to do by plucking. On the negative side, waxing can hurt, especially on tender areas such as the upper lip and bikini line. Costs and aesthetic concerns are also considerations.

One of the most common areas of waxing for hair removal is the eyebrows. In comparison with plucking, eyebrow waxing is much faster, and many prefer the quick rip to many individual plucks. The disadvantage of waxing eyebrows is that it is difficult to be precise enough to produce truly sculptured eyebrows. Anecdotes of too-thin or even completely missing eyebrows are plentiful.

The use of waxing for hair removal on the chin and upper lip is common, especially for women. Although facial waxing, especially around the upper lip, can be extremely painful, the all-at-once method is, again, often considered easier to deal with than repeated plucking. Shaving and depilatories are considered inappropriate for female facial hair as they sometimes cause the hair to grow back courser. There is often no change in the texture of regrown hair in waxing, and some cosmeticians believe the hair even becomes finer after repeated waxing.


Leg waxing is less common than other forms of waxing in large part because of price. Full leg-waxing typically costs between $60 to $100 U.S. Dollars (USD) and can require monthly treatments. Although waxed legs are often smoother than even freshly shaven legs, the price can be prohibitive to many people.

Conversely, waxing for hair removal at the bikini line is very popular. Often, shaving the bikini area can cause ingrown hairs and painful nicks. Shaving also requires almost daily maintenance. This type of waxing is primarily used during summer months, and a $15 to $30 USD price tag is often considered reasonable. Pain and embarrassment are the primary drawbacks of bikini waxing.

Using waxing for hair removal at home has become more popular and comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In general, waxing at home is much less expensive than salon waxing and can be a more practical choice for those who have difficulty fitting salon trips into their schedules. Additionally, for those who are embarrassed by professional waxing of intimate areas, home waxing can be a more comfortable alternative.

Getting the desired results from home waxing can be difficult, especially for novices. Often, the wax is messy and difficult to spread. Additionally, those areas that are most embarrassing to have waxed are often the most difficult to see. This combination can make several applications necessary. Burns and overwaxing are also common home waxing complaints.


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Post 3

If one continues to wax, the tolerance for pain will increase. After a while, it's barely painful. Also, cold wax hair removal is more painful than hot wax.

Post 2

@ysmina-- I agree with you that waxing is not for everyone. I had mild bleeding once when I waxed my armpits too. But I think this can be avoided by waxing after showers or applying a hot towel to skin to soften hairs beforehand. I think bleeding occurs when pores are not open and when the hairs are tough.

I use the sugar waxing hair removal method regularly and I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It lasts a lot longer than other hair removal methods for one thing. It also exfoliates skin in the process so my skin looks better and I have less ingrown hairs.

Post 1

I've only waxed once in my life and I don't think I will do it ever again.

Waxing is too rough on skin and it's not suitable for people who are sensitive. It's painful, but it can also cause bleeding as it pulls out hairs from the roots. I had a lot of bleeding while waxing. It was scary to see a drop of blood come out with each hair root.

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