What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Tapestry Luggage?

S. McNesby

Tapestry luggage offers some clear advantages for travelers. Spotting a tapestry bag on a baggage carriage at the airport is an easy task; the colorful fabric will stand out amid a sea of solid black bags. Tapestry bags are also easy to care for and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prints, so picking out a set that matches the traveler's individual style is a simple task. Cons of using tapestry luggage include the possibility of damage to the fabric surface, lack of masculine or gender neutral sets, and difficulties incurred when attempting to replace retired patterns.

Expensive tapestry luggage may or may not be handled with care.
Expensive tapestry luggage may or may not be handled with care.

The fabric used to cover tapestry luggage is thick and tightly woven, making it dense enough to stand up to the rigors of travel. Tapestry fabric features a woven design of some type; popular images for tapestry luggage include florals, still lifes, and scenes. Most tapestry luggage featured leather or leather-look handles and zipper pulls. Garment bags, rolling suitcases, carry-ons, and smaller bags are some of the most popular tapestry luggage models.

Rolling suitcases are one of the most popular models of tapestry luggage.
Rolling suitcases are one of the most popular models of tapestry luggage.

Some of the best features of tapestry bags include the look and feel of the fabric used to cover the suitcase frame. Not only is tapestry luggage more attractive than its plain counterparts, but it also stands out better in a busy airport terminal or baggage carriage. The fabric used to cover a tapestry suitcase requires minimal care; the multicolored surface can be spot cleaned, and stains or spills are difficult to see amid the colorful images. The abundance of styles and patterns of this type of travel bag allows travelers plenty of options when shopping for luggage.

Suitcases with tapestry covers have a few cons as well. While tapestry luggage will stand up to an average amount of travel, it may not durable enough for the very frequent traveler. The fabric and binding of tapestry bags can be damaged by rough handling or by contact with sharp edges and surfaces. Over time, the tapestry fabric can separate from the frame and binding; purchasing high-quality tapestry bags can reduce or eliminate this possibility.

The tapestry fabric used for this type of luggage often features a floral or feminine design, making it difficult to find suitcases that are suitable for men or which are gender-neutral. Some manufacturers change the fabric used for tapestry bags every year, so finding replacement pieces for a set may be difficult if an accessory or smaller bag is lost or damaged. Buying a bag covered with a popular, long-lived pattern will help eliminate this possibility.

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@bear78-- I use tapestry luggage when traveling abroad. I only take clothes with me, so I don't need to worry about something breaking. My phone, tablet, etc. are all in my handbag anyway.


@candyquilt-- Yes, they look very pretty. And they're certainly fashionable. The downside to tapestry luggage is that they don't provide much protection for the belongings inside and they can wear and tear fairly quickly.

I think most tapestry luggage is made of some type of fabric. The fabric isn't thick, strong or sturdy. So if there is something fragile inside, it might break during travel, especially when flying. As luggage is placed in the aircraft, it is often thrown and other luggage will be placed on top.

I think that tapestry luggage is best as a carry-on for domestic flights. Since other people won't handle them and one can place it himself or herself, it won't get damaged. But I would not use tapestry luggage for an international flight, absolutely not.


Whenever I see someone with tapestry luggage at the airport, I look at the luggage admiringly for a while. They look so beautiful. I'm usually thinking to myself "these people even travel fashionably."

I want tapestry luggage too but I'll need to save up because they are expensive. But I adore them and will definitely buy a set eventually.

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