What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Plastic Luggage Tags?

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Plastic luggage tags have both benefits and disadvantages. Depending on how they are used, plastic luggage tags may be easier to replace and less expensive than other types of luggage tags. Some of the disadvantages related to plastic luggage tags can include possible loss and the overall lack of attractiveness when compared with other luggage tags.

Luggage tags come in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials. A common type of luggage tag is the plastic luggage tag. Other options when considering luggage tags include leather and aluminum luggage tags.

The benefits and disadvantages associated with this type of luggage tag will largely depend on personal viewpoints. Luggage tags can be a fun and functional accessory or they can simply fulfill a need. Plastic luggage tags provide the ability to identify luggage and belongings. Business professionals and seasoned travelers may prefer the simple and attractive look of leather or aluminum luggage tags.

Choosing a plastic luggage tag are widely available. Stores and retailers often carry plastic luggage tags in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. This allows someone to purchase them rather quickly and easily.

Another benefit of this type of luggage tag is that they are relatively less expensive than other tag types. When someone loses a plastic tag, they can be easily replaced without much concern about the cost. The low cost can also allow a family to stock up on several types and styles in preparation for school trips and family vacations.


Unlike other tags, such as leather tags, the style variety of plastic tags allows individuals to choose tags that match their personality. Some may choose to assign different colors or different designs to each child to help make keeping track of book bags and luggage simple. Bright colors and fun designs will also make spotting luggage coming through baggage check a bit easier.

Among the disadvantages of plastic luggage tags are the relative ease with which they may be lost. Depending on the quality, plastic luggage attachments may pop open or detach from luggage when met with the rough and tumble world of air travel. Purchasing higher quality luggage tags can help limit the possibility of this occurring.

For some, plastic tags may simply not live up to their expectations for attractiveness. Leather tags, and those which allow for personal customization such as engraving or embossing, may be more ideal for business travel. Plastic tags may also not coordinate with the specific luggage or bag chosen for travel or personal needs.


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Post 3

@wander - If you want some plastic luggage tags that help you stand out, I would also suggest getting some matching plastic luggage straps. WIth a combination of these two, your bags are sure to stand out.

As far as ordering personalized luggage tags you may want to try checking out some of the online stores, but as far as I can tell most of them want you to order in bulk and they aren't that attractive. You may be better of just finding some quirky plastic tags from a regular luggage stores. They don't have quite the same feel as custom tags, but they are functional and cheap.

Post 2

Does anyone know the best place to get personalized luggage tags made of plastic?

My friends and I are going to be doing quite a bit of traveling and we have been having trouble trying to figure out where to buy luggage tags that we can add our own touch too. Our backpacks are so generic looking that we really need to add something so that our luggage doesn't take forever to find. I have heard that the plastic luggage tags are by far the cheapest to have personalized, so hopefully we can get a good deal. I really like the idea of luggage tags personalized just for me.

Post 1

Ones of the best things about PVC luggage tags is that they come in so many cute shapes and they are inexpensive so you can always change them if they get boring or destroyed. I found a few that are different animal shapes which I really liked, and while they look a bit childish, it makes it really easy to spot on a luggage belt after arrival.

You can also write on PVC luggage tags with a permanent marker and it actually comes off with an eraser if you are persistent. I figured that once I moved I would have to get all new tags, but a little elbow grease saved the day.

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