What are the Pros and Cons of Using Cover Letter Software?

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Typically, the pros and cons of using cover letter software depend on the quality of the software the job seeker uses. This doesn’t necessarily mean whether it’s a free version or a paid version, but it does mean how much effort the developer put into the final product. Quality cover letter software helps a job seeker craft a cover letter that is tailored to his personality, skills, and qualifications, while a substandard version produces a generic cover letter, at best. Just as he would do before making any purchase, the job seeker should explore and research various kinds of software before making a decision.

As with most kinds of products, including software, there are varying kinds of cover letter software available. Some might offer features others don’t. Others might be designed to work in ways that some aren’t. Therefore, the easiest way to define this kind of software is to describe it as software that helps a job seeker create a cover letter. The methods used to create the final product depend on the software itself.


One obvious advantage to using cover letter software is the help with writing a cover letter the software provides. This kind of software helps job seekers with issues they might otherwise have trouble with, such as the proper cover letter format. Some versions of this software offer options for users to create a more personalized cover letter. For example, some versions of this software provide users with options to enter personalized information that, when the letter is ready to be formatted, help the letter look more as if it was created by a human and not software. Other pros to using this software include the various additional kinds of services some versions offer, including resume help, information about job boards, and integration with other popular computer programs.

Despite the advantages, there are certain disadvantages to using cover letter software. Depending on the quality of the product, it may or may not require the job seeker to enter enough information that personalizes the letter. This means the job seeker could end up with a generic cover letter at best, and a boring cover letter at worst. Neither option is likely to grab the attention of a potential employer. The job seeker always has the option to edit the final product and make it more individual to his personality, goals, and qualifications, but he might not have these kinds of cover letter writing skills if he opted to use this software.

Before purchasing a paid version of this software, the job seeker might want to try free cover letter software, first. Depending on the developer, this free version might give the job seeker a solid idea of what to expect from cover letter software. He might even find a free version, or a free trial version, that works well enough that he won’t need to purchase a paid version. At the same time, any job seeker seriously considering purchasing cover letter software should do the same kinds of research he would do when making any other kind of purchase. Such kinds of research include talking with others who’ve used the software, checking out professional reviews of the software, and visiting message boards and online forums where people have posted their experiences with the software.


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