What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Cheap Wine Glasses?

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Cheap wine glasses usually will not affect the taste of the wine inside them unless they are the wrong shape. When choosing wine glasses, the most important factors are almost always the size and shape instead of how much the glasses cost. One of the biggest pros of using cheap wine glasses is that there may be less worry about breakage since they are inexpensive to replace. The low price tag may also allow people to buy several different types of glasses that work best with different wines. Cons of using cheap glasses can include issues such as poor appearance after several uses or improper shapes that are not ideal for wine.

Typically, the cheapest wine glasses are made from acrylic. This is a hard plastic material that may look like glass at a glance, but does not wear nearly as well. The glasses also will be lightweight, so anyone using them will immediately realize that they are plastic. Acrylic will typically start to show wear and tear after a couple of uses as well. One pro of these cheaper glasses, however, is that they work well for large gatherings such as weddings or parties where many glasses are needed, without the worry of breakage.


Cheap glasses made from glass are typically the better choice for a permanent addition to a wine glass collection. It can be difficult to tell the difference between expensive and cheap glasses if they are all made from glass without any type of embellishments. Someone who wants to purchase wine glasses can choose between such styles as red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, and port wine glasses in inexpensive varieties. The low cost, especially of wholesale wine glasses, may allow someone to purchase glasses in each style, so he will have the perfect shape on hand regardless of the wine being served.

One instance in which cheap wine glasses are probably not a good idea is for gift giving. When it comes to items such as personalized wine glasses or those with such features as gold rims or etching, a high-quality glass is usually best. In fact, it is often best to purchase the glass recommended by the engraver, as poorly made glasses might crack or split. Cheap wine glasses also may not be ideal for serving very expensive fine wine, as the shape may not be quite right.


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Post 2

I would never use inexpensive wine glasses for a formal dinner party, but I rarely serve that kind of wine. I tend to buy fun wine glasses for parties, where I'm probably going to serve cheap table wines anyway. Plastic or acrylic wine glasses seem to be a little too cheap, however. I think wine tastes better in glasses.

I have seen cheap wine glasses in bulk at party supply stores, but like Inaventu said, they tend to break very easily. I'd hate to see a guest get hurt by a broken or chipped glass.

Post 1

Clinking two wine glasses together as a "toast" is never a good idea anyway, but it's especially dangerous when using cheap wine glasses. They will shatter almost every time, and the practice is generally seen as unsophisticated by experienced wine drinkers.

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