What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a White Pillow Case?

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Choosing a pillow case may not seem like a very important decision, but getting the right material, color, and texture can mean the difference between a quality purchase and a regrettable one. A white pillow case is a common choice for the bed or for a throw pillow on a couch, but there are advantages and disadvantages to this choice. It may be one of the less expensive options, as colored fabrics are often more expensive. White can be reasonably attractive, however, especially if the materials used to make the pillow case are higher-end materials.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to a white pillow case is its tendency to show dirt easily. Once the pillow case is used for a short period of time, oils from skin and hair can darken the case or even turn it brown in spots. This can be unattractive, though simple washing usually takes care of this issue. In other cases, bleaching may be necessary. Other light colors such as yellow can also show dirt very easily, and in this case, white actually has the advantage: white can be bleached easily to remove dirt and oils, whereas colored fabrics that show dirt and oils may be discolored from bleaching.


Another advantage to the white pillow case is its ability to fit in aesthetically with most types of furniture. It is extremely adaptable, and it can help brighten up a room, especially in warmer months during which bright tones are preferred. The white pillow case may not be the best option for winter months, however, or especially dark furniture sets, as the white can clash and seem out of season. Generally, however, white tends to fit aesthetically with just about any furniture set or bedding set.

Even more important than the color of the pillow case is the type of materials used to construct it. Cotton is a common choice for making a white pillow case, though satin can also be used. During winter months, flannel sheets can be used to increase warmth and comfort; flannel can pill, however, leading to undesirable wear of the pillow case. Satin is exceptionally soft and comfortable, and it often has a great visual appeal, but it can also be quite expensive and may require more care than cotton sheets. Cotton is a common material because it is easy to clean, it is inexpensive, and it is usually quite comfortable.


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