What Are the Pros and Cons of Tea Bags for Dark Circles?

Lainie Petersen

Using tea bags for dark circles is an inexpensive and reasonably safe way of addressing the problem of under-eye swelling and discoloration. The advantages to using tea bags for dark circles include cost, ease of use, and the wide availability of tea bags. Disadvantages to using tea bags for dark circles include the possibility of irritating the skin by inadvertently using flavored tea or a non-tea herbal infusions. Another possible disadvantage is the chance of an individual misunderstanding how to use tea bags for dark circles and applying hot tea bags to the eye area, which can burn and irritate the skin. Although tea bags may be a time-honored dark circle remedy, it is important to note that those who have severe dark circles may get more relief by working with their physician and treating the underlying cause of their condition.

Tea bags.
Tea bags.

The process for using tea bags for dark circles is relatively straightforward. Someone with dark circles can quickly dunk tea bags into hot water, a process that begins to extract both tannin and caffeine from the crushed tea leaves. Then the tea bags should be removed from the water and placed into a small dish and allowed to cool down thoroughly in the refrigerator. It is essential that tea bags for dark circles be completely cool, as hot tea will only aggravate swelling and irritation under the eyes. After the tea bags are cool but still quite damp, the user should lie down in a place with one tea bag over each eye. After 10 or 15 minutes, the tea bags can be removed. The tannin and caffeine in the tea may soothe the irritation and reduce bloating, making the eyes look more refreshed.

The advantages to using tea bags for dark circles include cost, ease of use, and the wide availability of tea bags.
The advantages to using tea bags for dark circles include cost, ease of use, and the wide availability of tea bags.

Unfortunately, many types of tea are blended with other ingredients to add flavor and aroma. These ingredients may significantly irritate both under-eye skin as well as the eyes themselves. Those who purchase tea bags for dark circles should read ingredient labels carefully to make sure that they are purchasing pure tea. It is also important to keep in mind that some products that are sold as tea are not actually tea, but are other types of herbs. These herbs can cause eye irritation as well, so it is important not to use them on the eye area.

If tea bags for dark circles prove to be ineffective, sufferers should see their physician. Dark circles may be a symptom of allergies or lack of sleep, so it is a good idea to address these issues with a health care professional. In situations where someone's dark circles are serious, he or she may be able to speak to a dermatologist who can offer more advanced remedies for treating dark circles.

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I use chamomile tea bags for dark circles. I think it works better. I heard that if eye circles are pink, nothing will help because it's a sign of allergies.


@ysmina-- You didn't use hot or warm tea bags right? If you did, that's the reason why the tea bags didn't work for you. The tea bag needs to be cold for it to work. Remember, you are trying to reduce inflammation. Heat aggravates inflammation, whereas, cold reduces it.

Also, the type of tea and the type of dark circles you have matters. I think that some types of dark circles respond better to the tea bag remedy. For example, if you have thin skin underneath your eyes and broken blood vessels underneath the skin, this remedy will be helpful. It will help blood vessels heal. But you should do it regularly.

I personally use either black tea or green tea when I do this remedy and I try to do it everyday.


Tea bags don't help with dark circles at all. In fact, I think it makes them worse.

I have dark circles all the time, I tried this remedy yesterday but it didn't do anything. It made my eyes even more puffy and the circles appeared darker. Cucumber slices work much better.

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