What Are the Pros and Cons of Tailored Blazers?

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The term blazer broadly describes a fancy type of jacket popular in most countries. This coat can be stylish, formal, and casual all at once, depending on the setting and the manner in which one boasts the blazer. Tailoring refers to the act of customizing a particular article of clothing to ensure it is properly fitting to one's frame. There are pros and cons of tailored blazers. One pro is a more natural, comfortable fit, while one negative implication is that this process may be expensive.

Finding the right clothing for a given occasion can be quite challenging. After identifying what to wear, the right option within that category must be selected. If this requires a blazer, it's best to choose one within the specific price range allotted.

After the blazer has been purchased, a difficult task lies ahead. To tailor, or not to tailor, many wise minds have oft asked themselves. The best way to find an answer is to weigh out the pros and cons associated with each side of the equation.

Finding a custom-fit blazer can make a person the best dressed at the party but also the poorest. If style is a priority, it should be tailored. When comfort is the priority, tailored blazers are the answer. If all the time in the world is available, tailored blazers are the best choice.


With each positive comes a negative, and the pros are balanced in this universe by the cons. While more comfortable, getting a blazer custom fit can be very time-consuming. This process often requires a professional conducting many different measurements. They may choose to measure arm length and core width among many others. After the measurements are taken, even more time must elapse as this person forwards the information to a tailor, who will work to cut the newly purchased goods in accordance to the specifics of the measurements.

Expenses can also rack up in a hurry. This customization adds fees and expenses to an already taxing purchase. Additionally, depending on the store, tips may be customary also.

Weighing out the pros and cons associated with tailored blazers can help make a confusing decision crystal clear. If style and comfort are priority with no monetary issues, tailor all purchases. If a quick fix is needed on a tight budget, a stock blazer may be better suited for that particular situation.


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