What are the Pros and Cons of Sheepskin Car Seat Covers?

Autumn Rivers

Sheepskin car seat covers may be an attractive option for those hoping to protect their original car seats from wear and tear. These also can be helpful with increasing comfort while driving. This material is known for including more padding than most seat covers and can also protect passengers from discomfort resulting from extreme temperatures. On the other hand, sheepskin is rather expensive and is often difficult to clean, which means it can be ruined by just a few spills. Additionally, these types of car seat covers are not usually recommended for cars with side airbags.

Sheepskin seat covers provide greater comfort and warmth during long drives.
Sheepskin seat covers provide greater comfort and warmth during long drives.

One of the main reasons some vehicle owners are attracted to sheepskin car seat covers is their ability to add comfort to any car ride. Not only are these covers more padded than the cloth and leather that tend to adorn most seats, but they also are considered more comfortable than seat covers made of upholstery, velour, or neoprene. They are particularly popular among those who drive long distances for a living and those who just happen to travel often.

Sheepskin car seat covers may obstruct deployment of side airbags, rendering them useless in an accident.
Sheepskin car seat covers may obstruct deployment of side airbags, rendering them useless in an accident.

Aside from the extra padding sheepskin seat covers can provide, they also are known for their ability to prevent the discomfort caused by hot or cold seats. For example, leather car seats are notorious for burning the skin when it is hot outside and providing uncomfortably cold conditions when it is freezing outside. Sheepskin car seat covers can prevent these issues because they tend to deflect extreme heat but can still retain a small amount of warmth. This means they can stay comfortably warm in the winter without burning bare legs in the summer.

These benefits often come at a cost, because most sheepskin car seat covers are more expensive than the kinds made of other materials. For this reason, some car owners choose to save money by only covering the front seats. Despite the high cost, most sheepskin covers cannot safely be used in cars with side airbags unless they are altered for this usage. This is because they can obstruct deployment of side airbags, rendering the airbags useless in an accident.

Sheepskin car seat covers also can be difficult to clean, because they usually are not supposed to be thrown in the washing machine. Instead, stains may need to be spot-treated, typically with special soap made just for sheepskin. Large or tough stains may require dry cleaning, which is an additional cost.

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I noticed in high school through college, the pricier automobiles had them. Once I saved enough money to buy the high end automobiles (Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes), I bought sheepskin covers and they were fantastic. Once I get a new car, even with top grade leather, the sheepskin covers go on, immediately! I recommend Overland Sheepskin, since their product is very reliable and they provide free shipping even if you return them. I will always use sheepskin covers on all my automobiles.

I do not understand the write up article above on deployment of airbags. Some companies have overcome this by including velcro on the side of each sheepskin cover, so in the event of an accident the air bags will have no problem deploying. My only minor complaint about Overland is their limited colors (only 4), while other competitors have various colors.

If you decide to get sheepskins for your auto, you will not be disappointed. Everyone who gets into my automobiles from young to old (even my wife's 90 year old grandmother) says "Oooooh." Nice and soft when they get in.

Enjoy. You will be very satisfied. Dave, Salt Lake City


I have sheepskin seat covers on my golf cart. They look fine to me, but that's not why I bought them. The main reason I got them is they are so practical for a golf cart. Golf carts are in the sun most of the time when they are being used, and as this article says, the covers keep the seats comfortable and cooler.

I have lower back stiffness and pain from time to time. The sheepskin is great for my back. They add more padding to the seats and absorb some of the shock when I am riding in the cart, so my back is spared some of the usual jarring.


I loved my sheepskin seat covers. I thought I was so cool when I got my first car, and I wanted to make it one of a kind. I saw a TV movie where this guy had sheepskin seat covers and I thought they were a bit tacky at first, but they kind of grew on me.

So when I got my car, I thought sheepskin. I didn't know anyone else who had sheepskin seats, so that was perfect. I had my own identity: the girl with the sheepskin seats. I did have some trouble keeping them clean at first, but I found out I could buy this spray on fabric guard to protect them. The spray was similar to the stuff you spray on carpets after you have them cleaned.


In college, I had a friend who had sheepskin covers. I thought he simply had bad taste. I didn't know the covers had so many beneficial aspects. I especially like the part about these covers not retaining heat like the leather seats. This is one of my major complaints about leather on car seats.

However, I think I would rather have the fabric seat covers than the sheepskin. I really didn't care for the look of sheepskin. And I definitely wouldn't pay extra for them.

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