What Are the Pros and Cons of Shaving without Cream?

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Many people assume shaving cream is a necessity when ridding the body of hair, but this is not always the case. Many razors now come with moisturizing strips that are activated with water and do away with the need for cream, while electric razors have long been designed to provide a close shave without shaving cream. Those who can do without shaving cream don't have to worry about running out when they're in desperate need of a shave. Avoiding shaving cream also can save money, whether one uses another form of moisture in its place or shaves dry. On the other hand, some people need shaving cream to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs and to protect sensitive skin.


Shaving without cream often allows people to save money, because the cost of even the most inexpensive cream can add up over time. Some people choose to use only water when shaving, and allowing water to sit on the skin for a few minutes often helps add a bit of moisture to the surface, which can make for better shaving conditions than shaving while the skin is completely dry. Others prefer to use soap, shampoo or conditioner instead of shaving cream. This is often less expensive than purchasing shaving cream separately, because people typically buy these products for their hair and body anyway, and they can be cheaper than many shaving creams. In addition, some people shave using a conditioner or shampoo that did not work well for their hair, but which may work fine for their skin, allowing them to save money by avoiding throwing out half-used bottles of these products.

An additional benefit a person can derive from shaving without cream is not having to run to the store because one's shaving cream supply ran out at an inconvenient time. Shaving with household products that most people keep on hand, such as water or soap, makes the need for such trips rare. Even if soap were in short supply, many people who are used to using something other than shaving cream may simply switch to lotion or even olive oil until they can replenish their usual shaving cream substitute.

Though shaving without cream can be convenient and budget-friendly for many, some people do not find the savings worth the skin irritation they experience. One of the main benefits of using shaving cream is avoiding razor burn, a painful rash that may break out on the skin when the area is not properly moisturized. This may be avoided by using soap, but some people have particularly sensitive skin that soap may further irritate. Such people may only be able to tolerate certain products, such as shaving cream made for sensitive skin, so shaving without cream may not be a good option for them.


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Post 2

I found some special shaving lotion in the men's section of a high-end cosmetic store that was supposed to work better than traditional shaving cream. The idea was to spread the lotion all over the area to be shaved and allow it to dry for a few minutes. It was supposed to help soften the whiskers so that a wet razor blade would glide over them and provide a closer shave.

I thought it did a pretty good job with softening my beard, but I still had to wipe off the remnants just like shaving cream. I noticed my face didn't feel quite as stiff afterwards. Sometimes when I use regular shaving cream I still feel like there's a layer of soap on my face when I wash it all off.

Post 1

One reason I don't like shaving with shaving cream is the mess it can create. The foam will get into my beard and behind my ears and down my neck, and it's not always easy to wipe it all off after I'm done shaving. If I'm going to take a shower immediately after I shave it's not so bad, but if I'm shaving just before going to work or trying to get rid of a five o'clock shadow, shaving cream can be really inconvenient.

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