What Are the Pros and Cons of Satin Underwear?

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The feel and appearance of satin are what convince some people to purchase this specially woven underwear. A tight, well-done satin weave has a smooth feel and shiny surface often reserved for evening gowns and bridal wear. The potential disadvantages of satin include the confusing terms it goes by and its sometimes complicated and time-consuming cleaning methods. For example, sometimes the term satin is misinterpreted and believed to be a fabric rather than the way the fabric is woven. In addition, satin underwear made from pure silk can be difficult to maintain because it is a delicate fabric that can be ruined by some detergents and washing methods.

One potential pro of satin underwear is its overall feel. Satin is a very tight weave that feels smoother than other weaves. Many people prefer satin underwear solely because of its ability to glide over the body like water. Silk is also breathable and usually feels cooler than other fabrics, making it the best kind of underwear to wear in the summer. For the same reason, some people prefer satin sheets, satin undergarment slips, and even satin dresses.

Satin underwear has a shiny, lustrous surface and is therefore often reserved for special evening and ceremonial wear. It is fairly versatile when crafted into underwear, however. Some people use it for bridal underwear, while others prefer to wear it every day. Either way, it can lend an elegant look that regular weaves sometimes cannot duplicate.


While satin is traditionally made from silk, choosing a pair of satin underwear can be confusing. Sometimes a garment’s tag or a manufacturer’s website lists the underwear as simply being satin, but satin is a weave, not a fabric. It is common to use the word satin to refer to traditional silk with a satin weave. Manufacturers can accidentally mislead customers into thinking a pair of satin underwear is made from 100-percent silk rather than nylon or cotton. When choosing underwear with a fabric preference in mind, it is rarely safe to assume the undergarment is made from a specific fabric.

Depending on the material satin underwear is made from, it can be time consuming to launder. For example, satin made from 100-percent silk is typically hand-wash or dry-clean only and should be washed only with certain detergents. This type of laundering is normally acceptable for most people when the item is reserved for special occasions, but it might be too much work for an everyday garment. On the other hand, satin underwear made from cotton or nylon can generally be machine washed if it does not have delicate adornments.


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Post 3

I bought my husband satin men's underwear as a gift. He is very picky about his underwear and won't wear every type. He had never tried satin and I thought that it might be a nice change. I bought a very good quality one made with pure silk.

My husband absolutely loved it. He says that he has never worn something so soft and comfortable. Usually, he gets very hot during the night and will often turn up the air conditioner while I'm freezing next to him. I noticed that when he wears his satin underwear, he doesn't turn up the AC at night. I'm going to get him more pairs of this underwear soon.

Post 2

@turquoise-- Like the article said, satin is the name of the weave, not the fabric. So whether satin underwear is breathable, depends on the fabric. If it's cotton, it will definitely breathe and I think that this is the best type. If you can get 100% silk, then that's great too. Just avoid satin underwear with synthetic fabrics.

Silk is expensive, so many manufacturers buy synthetic threads and weave them as satin. So it looks like silk satin and can even feel like it. But it will not react the same way with your skin. Wearing synthetic satin underwear is a sure way to get a rash, especially in the summer!

Post 1

Satin is breathable? I have satin panties and they doesn't seem very breathable or cool. I don't think this type of underwear absorbs moisture very well.

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