What are the Pros and Cons of Plastic Curtains?

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Plastic curtains are one of several solutions that are typically used in a household. Depending on the actual application, going with this solution can be wise decision. At the same time, plastic curtains are not likely to be an ideal solution in every situation. Before choosing this particular option, it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages that these types of curtains provide.

In terms of benefits, plastic curtains are extremely easy to clean. This makes them ideal options for a number of uses around the house. An attractive plastic shower curtain along with a good quality plastic curtain liner will work very well with a bathroom shower, since it is possible to clean the surface of the curtain using just about any type of bathroom cleaning product, plus a little water. In addition, it is also possible to purchase matching curtains that can be used as the treatment on a bathroom window, making it easier to achieve a unified look to the space.


Plastic curtains may also be a good option for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Since curtains of this type come in many colors and designs, finding the right ones for a child’s room is not difficult. Plastic panels hold up well to sticky handprints, sudden creative urges with markers and crayons and other similar events that are likely to occur when children are entertaining themselves. Often, a simple spray cleaner and a damp sponge will take care of the damage, with no need to take the panels off the window and go through the trouble of washing and ironing them.

Another benefit of plastic curtains is the cost. Typically, even high quality plastic drapes and panels are less expensive than their cloth counterparts. This means that if the budget for home decorating is tight, hanging plastic curtains rather than drapes and panels of other types can often stretch that limited budget and still create the desired look. Thanks to modern manufacturing methods, the range of colors, textures, and designs with plastic window treatments is so broad that people will not be able to tell the difference unless they actually touch the panels.

There are some potential drawbacks to plastic curtains. Unlike cloth curtains, mending a curtain made from plastic is extremely difficult. This means that if the panel is damaged, it normally must be replaced rather than repaired. Depending on the quality of the plastic used, the panels may also fade from exposure to sunlight faster than some type of cloth panel. For these reasons, plastic curtains are not always the best option for every room. Before making a purchase, consider all options for dressing windows and other spaces that would require curtains, then determine plastic panels would be the most prudent choice.


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