What Are the Pros and Cons of Nylon Pajamas?

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When buying pajamas, most people choose comfort over appearance. The benefit of nylon clothing is that the material is attractive and soft, as well as moisture and wrinkle-resistant. Nylon pajamas take more care when washing, because excessive wear can ruin their softness and elasticity. There are several cons to nylon pajamas, including their tendency to stick close to the body, which can turn some people off from this type of fabric.

Sleepwear should be comfortable to sleep in, but some people prefer a more luxurious look and feel to their pajamas. Nylon pajamas are a good alternative to regular cotton sleep materials because they have a silkier feel to them. They are also less expensive than buying 100% silk sleepwear, so wearers can enjoy higher quality clothing without paying a high price for it.

Nylon is well-known as a wrinkle-free material. Travelers often wear nylon clothing during a long journey, or even to dispose of the need to iron while on vacation. Nylon pajamas do not wrinkle like other sleepwear does, because the material has an elastic-like quality to it. The material also helps to repel moisture, which is useful during humid conditions.


The elasticity of nylon sleepwear can also pose some downsides. Nylon has a tendency to hug close to the body, which is why the material is often used in women’s stockings. Although the material might be soft, some may be turned off from the tightness of nylon. The effect can also make others feel self-conscious, since wearing the fabric accentuates every part of the body.

Nylon pajamas can last a long time with proper care. Unlike cotton sleepwear, users will need to take extra steps to ensure that the pajamas are not ruined during washing. Nylon is best washed in cold water and hung to dry, as excessive heat can damage the elasticity of the clothing. The extra care involved might be a turn-off for busy families that want to wash laundry quickly.

When buying pajamas, it is important to pay close attention to clothing labels. Some sleepwear packages say that they are made out of nylon, when they are actually also made out of several additional materials. Nylon is often blended with rayon and polyester to make the clothing less delicate, so the pieces can last longer. Pajamas blended with other materials beside nylon might be uncomfortable during the warm summer months, because they tend to retain heat and moisture.


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Post 3

I actually started to buy men's nylon pajamas because I tend to have night sweats and nightmares. I hated waking up feeling overly warm and damp. I have found that the ability for nylon to absorb moisture makes it much easier for me to sleep.

I think that nylon pajamas would also be a good choice for anyone who lives in an overly humid area. I know my mom loves women's nylon pajamas for when she goes on vacation in the tropics. I make a point of getting her new ones every year for Christmas so she can have something to take with her on her trips.

Post 2

@popcorn - I find that nylon is a bit clingier than silk, but I agree that it is a very soft option for those on a budget. I have quite the collection of pajama sets and loungewear and I would have to say that nylon is a good option if you don't want the hassle of ironing everything.

Unfortunately I find that my nylon sets get ruined after a few trips through the clothes dryer. While I know it is better to hang nylon to dry I just don't have that kind of space. I think that if I ever get a bigger place I will buy more nylon just for the lack of ironing involved. Until then though I will stick mostly to plain old cotton pajamas.

Post 1

One of the things I really like about men's nylon pajamas is that they are a lot cheaper than satin or silk sleepwear. I love the feel of silky material against my skin but I hate spending a fortune on clothes.

My ex-wife really got me into silk pajamas and after she stopped buying them for me I figured that there had to be to get the same feel without the price. Personally I think the only real downside to nylon pajamas is that I can't wash them with some of my other clothes. I suppose that that isn't too bad for the price though.

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