What Are the Pros and Cons of Magnetic Curtain Rods?

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There are many possible benefits to using magnetic curtain rods. The main reason most people use curtain rods that are magnetic is because they are normally very easy to install. In addition to being easy to install, they are also typically simple to remove. In spite of the benefits of magnetic curtain rods, there is one major disadvantage. Magnetic rods can only be used on metal doors or window facings. The fact that magnetic rods are typically useless on surfaces that are not made of metal means that they are usually only placed on exterior doors, which are often made of metal.

Most people who have experience putting up curtains know that the installation is not always easy. Depending on the type of curtains purchased, there may be small screws, nails, and other little parts that must be put in place beside a window or on a door before the curtains are hung. Putting up curtain rods is often tedious work, and in some cases it is even necessary to drill holes to get the metal components installed correctly. This may be why magnetic curtain rods are so attractive to some people. Magnetic rods stick to metal surfaces, which means they require no small parts or extensive installation before the curtains are hung.


Even though these curtain rods are typically easy to use, they cannot be used on surfaces that aren't metal, which severely limits where they may be placed in most homes. The majority of homes have only metal surfaces on exterior doors. Windows inside a home are normally made of some type of wood and require other types of curtain rods. The fact that magnetic curtain rods cannot be used on wood may be disappointing to people who admire their ease of use.

Fortunately for people who enjoy using magnetic curtain rods, there are some types that come with adhesive metal strips. These strips can be stuck to wood window or door frames so the curtain rod will stay in place. This could be a solution for people who want to use magnetic curtain rods but are without many metal surfaces in their homes. The only potential problem with using the adhesive strips is that they likely will not stay in place forever, and when they do come off they might leave sticky residue that is very hard or impossible to remove without damaging the surface underneath.


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Post 3

I have two magnetic curtain rods, and I love them. Using them on my metal door has allowed me to create several looks with curtains without the need for installing hardware or putting screw or nail holes in the door or walls.

My door has two large glass panels with a metal frame. With my magnetic curtains rods, I can place a valance on the top and longer curtains that cover the lower portion of the door. I can also put one curtain rod at the top and hang long curtain panels on it for an elegant look.

In the winter, I use both rods to put lined curtains on the top and bottom glass panels in my door. This helps to block out the cold, and looks great too.

Post 2

@raynbow- Yes, a magnetic curtain rod should work find on your metal door, even if it does have several layers of paint on it. The magnets used on these curtain rods are strong enough to work through pained.

Post 1

Until I read this article, I didn't realize that there was such a thing as magnetic curtain rods. I have a metal door, and would love to give one a try. Will a metal curtain rod work for me, even though my metal door has been painted several times?

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