What are the Pros and Cons of Leather Car Seats?

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There are various pros and cons to using leather as a car seat material instead of traditional cloth upholstery. Leather is usually an expensive option to add to a car but, at the same time, it can increase the car's resale value. One of the main reasons people are willing to pay extra for this material is its comfort, but those in areas with extreme weather may be less willing to have it in their cars. This is because leather car seats tend to burn the skin in hot weather and can feel uncomfortably cold in chillier climates. Finally, this car seat material is known for being easy to clean, though it is necessary to occasionally use certain treatments on it to keep it looking nice.

Leather car seats are typically more expensive than cloth and are considered an upgrade when buying a car. Usually only luxury vehicles, which are themselves expensive, come standard with these types of car seats. For this reason, leather may not be attractive to those looking to save money. On the other hand, this feature is often good to have when selling a used car, because leather upholstery can add to the value of the vehicle. Thus, some people are willing to pay extra upfront for leather seats so they can get more money when selling it years later.


This material is known for being quite comfortable, because it is thick and supportive. It may be beneficial for those who drive often, especially if they drive long distances. On the other hand, leather seats tend to heat up quickly in warm weather, so those in hot climates should be warned of this drawback. Leather seats are also affected by cold weather, becoming quite chilly when it is cold outside. Those who still want leather car seats despite extreme climates may find that getting a car with a heater or air conditioning built into the seat is a workable solution to this problem.

One advantage of leather car seats is that they are considered easy to clean, because stains tend not to soak into them like they do with cloth. Instead, they can be wiped down, a feature that is attractive to people who have children or are just prone to spilling food and drinks. It should be noted that leather needs to be treated occasionally to prevent the material from hardening and cracking over time, though proper care can keep the car seats looking nice for quite a while.


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Post 4

"One advantage of leather car seats is that they are considered easy to clean, because stains tend not to soak into them like they do with cloth."

The newer microfiber fabrics make this pro for leather less of a pro, relatively speaking.

Post 3

What do I need to know about leather car seat repair to do it myself? There is a cigarette burn and a big rip on the upholstery of the seats of my car. I got a quote to have it repaired or replaced and it was ridiculous. I would rather do it myself and save the money.

So what should I know? Do I need any special tools? Where can I find leather to match the color of the existing leather?

Post 2

I think that any fine automobile needs to have leather seats. I am not saying that there are not good cars with cloth seats but any car that is going to bill itself as being luxurious or premium needs to have leather seats.

Just think about it like this. Do you ever see anyone that is rich, famous or important riding in a car without leather seats? Nope, me neither. It is the standard for any good car.

Post 1

One of the biggest cons is that the seats can get really hot and sticky in the summer time. I have had many an uncomfortable moment when I went to open up my car after it had been sitting in the sun on a hot summer afternoon. I went to sit down and felt like my skin was fusing to the seat.

In the summer I actually have a cotton cover that I put over the drivers seat. It matches fairly well and it saves me from losing my skin.

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