What Are the Pros and Cons of Keeping a Pet Parrot?

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There are both pros and cons of keeping a parrot as a pet. The main pros of choosing this bird for a pet include the joy a pet owner may feel when watching and interacting with the bird. Many people also appreciate the fact that there are various types of birds from which a person can choose. This means a person can select a bird based on his coloring, size, and temperament preferences. Primary cons often include the amount of care these birds need and the expenses involved with keeping them.

Among the pros of keeping a parrot as a pet is the fact that it can bring its owners a good deal of joy. For individuals who love birds, they can be fun to watch and listen to, and can provide company for someone who lives alone. Unlike some other pets, they do not require the pet owner to venture out in the cold; while a person must usually spend a great deal of time walking a pet dog, for instance, his care of a pet parrot can take place inside his home.


Another pro of choosing a parrot for a pet is that there are so many different types from which a person may choose. For example, an individual could choose a bird based on its talking ability, if that was his main concern, or select a bird based on its adaptability. If gentleness is an aspiring pet owner's main concern, he can choose a breed known for being gentle. Likewise, a person can choose a breed of parrot that gets along well with new people and adjusts well to new environments, or one that is smaller than others and doesn't require as large of a cage or as much space.

One of the main cons of having a pet parrot is the fact that they require a significant amount of care. They need a proper environment, a reasonably clean cage, and the opportunity to get out of the cage to play and exercise. Many bird care experts assert that a person should not purchase a parrot for a pet unless he can spend a couple of hours each day with the bird out of its cage under supervision.

Costs are also among the cons of keeping a pet parrot. Some parrots cost a great deal of money, and many types require large cages and numerous accessories. Nutritional costs may also represent a significant expense. Additionally, a pet owner may need to keep money on hand to pay for veterinary care on an as-needed basis.


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Post 3

Are parrots expensive to buy? If I did decided to get one, where would I go to buy it and how much would all the other things I would need cost like the cage and the food and whatever. Oh, and do parrots have to go to the vet? I am trying to figure out as much as I can before I make a decision.

Post 2

How much do parrots end up talking? I think it is really cute from time to time but if I get a parrot and it chatters endlessly I think that would drive me crazy. It would be like living with a loud drunk who never passes out.

Is there a way to get them to be quiet once they have started talking? I have always wanted a parrot but maybe it is more trouble than it is worth.

Post 1

One thing that many people do now know before they get a parrot is that they are very social animals and they need direct attention everyday. In the same way that you have to pet and walk a dog, you have to interact with your parrot or it will become despondent and even neurotic. I have seen it before with my own eyes.

You have to spend about an hour a day in the same room as the parrot, talking to it and even stroking it. This interaction is really important for the parrot's happiness and its overall well being.

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