What are the Pros and Cons of Iron Curtain Rods?

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Some pros, or advantages, of iron curtain rods include their heavy look and variety of dramatic color options. Yet these qualities can also be considered cons, or disadvantages, in the wrong type of interior decor. For example, many styles of iron curtain rods may be too intense looking for country interiors. They do mix well with Mediterranean styles though. With plainer finials, or end caps, iron curtain rods may also work with modern or industrial interior designs.

When used on windows located on a light colored wall, black iron curtain rod styles have the advantage of providing contrast. A pro is that black will contrast well with white, pastels or brights as well as paler neutrals. A con with such a dark curtain rod color is that it won't show up well against darker or deeper paint colors. Also, black iron curtain rods against darker wood window trims can blend in too much so as to lose impact for both the rod and the trim.

While they are less common than black, gold-toned iron curtain rods have the advantage of attractively accenting more traditional decors. Many gold iron styles have an elegant looking antiqued finish. The selection of this type of curtain rod is a definite pro, as a person with a contemporary decor wanting a simpler, silver-toned finish can also find it in iron. Smooth, plain iron rod styles with spear-shaped finials can be a great choice for a modern room.


Iron curtain rods have a disadvantage in that they may look out of place with daintier Victorian decors as well as whimsical country ones. Yet, a distinct advantage of an iron curtain rod is that it can be used in more modern romantic interiors such as openwork twisted designs that feature sculpted metal rose finials. Even black wrought iron rod styles that are more Mediterranean in appearance can provide a great contrast to white or cream lace curtains.

One con of an iron curtain rod is that it may rust in damp weather in some climates and require refinishing. Strength and durability are two major pros of iron curtain rods. Iron curtain rod varieties tend to last much longer than wooden ones and they don't have the susceptibility of warping. One of the biggest cons of wrought iron rods over wood though is their weight. Yet, iron curtain rod styles tend to be simple to install if they have braces or brackets to support their weight.


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