What are the Pros and Cons of Extreme Bodybuilding?

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Extreme bodybuilding can have several advantages, such as allowing a person to be healthier, increasing self-esteem, increasing energy, and allowing competition in events. Some of the disadvantages of extreme bodybuilding include excessive time commitments, the hard work, and sticking to a strict diet. In addition to that, getting into extreme bodybuilding is also going to cost a certain amount of money.

One of the big advantages of getting involved in extreme bodybuilding is the improved health. By exercising and lifting weights frequently, an individual will be able to shed fat, improve cardiovascular health, and improve health overall. Individuals who get involved with bodybuilding also experience increased levels of energy throughout the day.

Another advantage of bodybuilding is that it can increase self-esteem. When an individual is large and muscular, it can increase level of respect toward that person. The bodybuilder will pick up on the respect from other people and it will have the effect of increasing his or her self-esteem. The improvement in the bodybuilder's physique will also contribute to an improved self-image.

Bodybuilders also get to compete in bodybuilding events. The thrill of competition can be very exciting. Bodybuilders often get to travel to other places to participate in these contests. Winning a bodybuilding contest can be extremely rewarding as an individual.


Even though extreme bodybuilding has its advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it takes a lot of time and hard work to get to the level of a bodybuilder. Bodybuilders have to work out several hours per day in most cases. Finding time to fit this into the average schedule can be very difficult. Then when it comes time to attend bodybuilding contests, this will take up even more of the individual's time.

Doing a bodybuilding routine can be very difficult as well. In order to do this, an individual will have to engage in extremely intensive weightlifting for hours on end. Many people do not have the discipline necessary to do this.

A bodybuilder will also have to stick to a strict diet to make the process work. Many people cannot eat as healthy as is required to get the proper results. The process of becoming a bodybuilder is also fairly expensive. The individual will have to spend a good portion of his or her budget on the proper foods as well as paying for a gym membership or equipment.


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