What Are the Pros and Cons of Electrolysis for Eyebrows?

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Those who are looking to shape their eyebrows and want an alternative to waxing or tweezing may want to consider electrolysis, a method with a number of reasons to recommend it. Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose electrolysis for eyebrows is the fact that it is permanent, meaning once all sessions are completed there is no further maintenance needed. It can be used on any skin type or color of hair, and it is extremely accurate since it targets hair follicles individually. There are some disadvantages to the procedure to consider, however, particularly the facts that it can be time consuming and expensive. It can also be somewhat painful, lead to skin discoloration, and potentially miss some of the targeted hairs.

One of the main reasons to get electrolysis for eyebrows is that it can permanently rid a person of unwanted hairs. For those tired of endlessly plucking, waxing, or threading to shape their brows, this can be a great solution. Electrolysis is also usually considered safer than the other option for permanent eyebrow hair removal — laser — which has the potential to damage the eyes when used in that area. It also has the advantage over a laser of being effective on all skin and hair colors.


Another upside to using electrolysis for eyebrows is its accuracy. The method targets and destroys each hair the person wants removed with an electric current applied directly to the base of the follicle. This means that the person doing the electrolysis has a high degree of control over which hairs are removed, making shaping precise.

Electrolysis for eyebrows does have some shortcomings as well. In order to be effective, it typically takes numerous sessions, in some cases up to 30. While sessions are fairly short, usually about 15 to 30 minutes, repeated visits can make it a time-consuming endeavor. It can also get expensive, so it may not be a viable option for those who cannot afford it.

There are also some potential downsides to the electrolysis procedure itself. Some patients report that it can be painful, though the level of pain usually depends on the person. A technician without the proper training may leave the skin discolored if he or she does not perform the procedure correctly. If the electrolysis needle is not able to be applied to the root, for example if the hair shaft is not straight, then that hair may not be removed.


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Post 4

Electrolysis is not permanent. Hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or menopause, can cause hair growth.

Post 3

Electrolysis is much better than laser in terms of making sure the hair removal is permanent. Plus I don't think most places will even do laser on your eyebrows, in case they get too close to your eyes. It's just too dangerous.

Just made sure you choose a good place, because it's fairly dangerous if you don't. They are basically inserting a needle into your skin multiple times, so they need to know what they're doing.

Post 2

@MrsPramm - That's exactly why I would never do it except to maybe clear up some stray hairs or something. I like being able to modify the shape of my eyebrows if I want or need to.

I imagine one day I might need a radically different shape to go with my face when it gets older. I don't want to lock myself into one shape, even if it's a really good one.

My legs, on the other hand, I would be more than willing to get electrolysis for, but apparently it can take a couple of years to get them done and it's extremely painful. I think I'll stick to the wax for now.

Post 1

Make sure you absolutely know which hairs to remove and you aren't just following a trend. Look at those women from the 70s who plucked their eyebrows into that fashionable thin line over and over until the hair stopped growing.

That thin line hasn't been fashionable since and they look very odd to the modern eye, but there's nothing they can do about it, except draw in eyebrows.

If you go to the wrong beautician you could end up with half an eyebrow. So be careful and know what you want before you go.

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