What Are the Pros and Cons of Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal?

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Tattoo artists create intricate designs on their clients with the help of a tattoo gun that pierces the skin at a very high speed with a color pigment at the very tip. This results in a tattoo that is permanently etched into the skin. For many reasons, people may decide that they want to remove their tattoos. Dermabrasion tattoo removal is one of those solutions that can help to lift a tattoo off of the skin. There are a number of pros and cons that will have to be taken into account before undergoing this procedure, including recovery time, different payment methods, and if the color imbedded into the skin can even be lifted with a dermabrasion treatment.

A positive feature of dermabrasion treatments are the relatively short recovery times. If opting for dermabrasion tattoo removal as a method to fade tattoos, then the patient can expect a short recovery time from a few days up to a week. Most dermabrasion treatments will have to be completed in a series for the comprehensive removal of a tattoo, so the recovery time can be multiplied by the number of treatments necessary.

Even though the recovery times are relatively short, dermabrasion tattoo removal will present a number of unique challenges. A large number of treatments may have to be implemented for tattoo removal. Take heed in the fact that aggressive scarring can occur if the same area of skin has to be exfoliated many times over.


If the tattoo is old, then dermabrasion tattoo removal tends to be an excellent option. The skin is in a constant state of exfoliation, so most tattoos will fade with time. A faded tattoo will have less intense coloring, which will usually require less exfoliating treatments. Nevertheless, paying for many dermabrasion treatments can get expensive, so most clinics allow for some sort of payment plan.

Small, faded tattoos are ideal candidates for exfoliating treatments. If the tattoo is made up of one color, then the doctor can easily remove the tattoos. Be aware that certain colors will require many treatments or they won’t fade properly.

Another setback when dealing with dermabrasion tattoo removal is the fact that some doctors will not remove a tattoo if it covers a large part of the skin. Due to the nature of the procedure and the risks involved, large tattoos cannot be comprehensively removed. Tattoos that have complex colors, shades, and hues will usually not respond well to dermabrasion tattoo removal treatments.


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