What Are the Pros and Cons of Dark Nail Polish?

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Dark nail polish, or nail varnish, can be an edgy fashion statement, and will often suit a number of styles. It typically looks classiest on short nails. It is important to note this type of nail polish may be somewhat unacceptable in some situations. It can also be very high maintenance, since any chips are typically very noticeable. A base coat must usually be applied to prevent ugly stains on the nails.

This type of nail polish has had its ups and downs in the fashion world. Generally, dark nail polish is now considered acceptable, even fashionable. It does, however, have a bit of an edgy look.

Regardless of their styles, most women can look good when wearing dark polish. Although black nail polish is often reserved for Halloween or Goth styles, other dark polishes can be worn by just about anyone. Instead of a near black polish, a classic dark red polish can be used instead. It is important to keep nails the right length and shape, however, to avoid looking like a creature of the night.

Individuals with short fingernails typically look best wearing dark nail polish. Some fashion experts believe dark polish on long fingernails looks a bit tacky. Also, many experts recommend wearing dark polish on slightly rounded fingernails.


Many conservative women may shy away from dark nail polish. It may also be frowned upon in some places of employment, such as conservative offices. Some older individuals may find dark nail polishes unprofessional or childish. The best way to find out if a work place allows this type of nail polish is by reading the dress code section of the employee handbook. If it can not be found there, an individual may want to ask a supervisor what types of nail polishes are acceptable.

Dark nail polish is also usually high maintenance. Unlike natural or light nail polish, it is very noticeable when dark polish chips. It is usually easier to remove all of the polish on a chipped nail and reapply it than to try to touch it up. To prevent nail polish from chipping, a small amount of it should be extended to underneath the nail tip.

When applying dark nail polish, a base coat should be brushed on first. This will help prevent stained nails. Fingernail polish stains can be difficult to remove, but it is possible. Some women may find that they may be able to buff the stains out with a nail buffer. Soaking stained nails in hydrogen peroxide may also work.


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I would agree with the article that the stains are unsightly and hard to remove. They come from prolonged use and usually caused by low quality polishes. High quality polishes, like from OPI, don't cause too much staining and it's only noticeable after months of wear. Even dark polishes made by high quality companies won't cause much staining.

Also, any stains will be a yellow color, not the color of the dark polish you used. In my experience, the yellow stains are almost impossible to remove. Fortunately, nails do grow out, and without repeating the offense, you should have brand new nails in a matter of weeks (longer for toenails).

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