What Are the Pros and Cons of Custom Shower Enclosures?

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Custom shower enclosures are a great way to add some style and function to just about any bathroom. In many cases, customized enclosures do more than simply adding a little bit of unique charm to the space; with the right choices, the enclosures can also be practical for every member of the household, including those who may suffer with decreased mobility. Along with the benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks that should be considered before moving forward with the installation of any type of custom shower enclosures.

One of the main benefits of custom shower enclosures is the ability to create a look and feel for the bathroom that is more reflective of your personality and lifestyle. Thanks to the many different designs on the market today, it is possible to use a combination of materials and styles to come up with something that is both functional and also in keeping with your personal tastes. While making changes to accessories and color schemes in a bathroom does help to add a little bit of flair and style, the impact generated by the installation of a customized shower area will do things for the space that cannot be managed in any other way.


The benefits of custom shower enclosures are not limited to the creation of a unique look and feel for the space. In many instances, the customization makes it possible to alter a bathroom to accommodate those who no longer have the range of mobility they once possesses. Customized enclosures that include a waist-high retaining wall along with a door with a watertight seal and a seating area in the stall can replace a tub while still allowing older members of the household to be able to manage a bath on their own. This approach can also save space in the room, creating an area that can be used for parking wheelchair or walkers that may be needed once the bath is over.

While custom shower enclosures do offer a number of benefits to homeowners, there are a few liabilities to keep in mind. The customized nature of a bathroom shower may actually be a drawback when the time comes to sell the home, unless a potential buyer also has loved ones who could make use of the customized shower area. The smaller market for the house could make it necessary to sell the property at a lower price in order to attract buyers. In addition, the cost of installing customer shower enclosures can be somewhat prohibitive, something that homeowners with limited resources will need to consider before deciding to make any changes to the existing bathroom structure.


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