What Are the Pros and Cons of Cryosurgery for Warts?

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The benefits of cryosurgery for warts include the fact this procedure is short and fairly cheap and produces only a small amount of localized pain and little scaring. This technique also requires little or no after-care or change in activity level and has a minimal risk of infection. One of the main disadvantages of cryosurgery for warts is that this treatment may require several applications to completely destroy a wart. This procedure may also produce an unsightly blister at the site of the treatment, and a slight change in skin pigmentation may occur after the wound has healed. In addition, when a blister bursts prematurely, an infection can set in at the site of the wound when proper precautions are not taken to keep the wound clean.

Cryosurgery for warts has many advantages. Warts are fairly difficult to destroy, and if an over-the-counter remedy is ineffective, freezing of the wart is often the best option. This method of treating warts involves temporarily freezing the tissue to destroy the wart-causing virus. Cryosurgery is quick, fairly painless, and cheap. It does not require any anesthesia, and several warts can be treated in one session.

After the treatment, wound care is minimal. The area, treated with cryosurgery, only needs to be kept clean and watched for signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, or fever. Most patients do not experience any pain or discomfort. Activity level does not need to change to protect the treated area.


The disadvantages of cryosurgery for warts are that more than one treatment may be required to fully rid the skin of the warts. It is important to follow up with the dermatologist to be certain that the wart has been completely destroyed and does not need a second treatment application. If a second treatment is needed and is not received, the wart can return.

Cryosurgery for warts will also sometimes produce a tender blue or black blister at the sight of the freezing application. While this is not a health concern, it can be unsightly. Following healing, the skin at the site of the treatment may also be slightly lighter or darker in color when compared with the surrounding skin. This is usually only temporary and, over time, the pigmentation should adjust.

It is important to watch the treatment area for any signs of infection. Rarely will cryosurgery result in an infection, but as with any surgery, this can be a risk. When a blister bursts prematurely, the risk of an infection is slightly higher. A burst blister should be kept clean and covered to minimize the risk of an infection.


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Post 3

@fify-- I agree with you. Cryosurgery is good for stubborn warts. I also like that there is no bleeding involved in cryosurgery unlike wart excision.

Post 2

Every procedure for wart removal can cause scarring. I think that's unavoidable.

I had cryosurgery for warts last month and I'm very happy with the results. I had more than six large warts on my foot. They were multiplying quickly and I needed to get rid of them fast. I wasn't worried about scarring, I was more concerned about my whole foot being covered in warts soon.

Cryosurgery worked perfect for me. It got rid of all the warts and the scars are so small and minimal that one can only see them by looking closely.

Post 1

I've experienced all the negatives possible with cryosurgery. I had the procedure done but it didn't work the first time around. So I had to go back for two more sessions. Eventually it worked, and the wart fell off, but there was scarring. The procedure also caused discoloration on my skin.

I had opted for cryosurgery because it's easy, pain-free and doesn't cause scarring. But if you look at my hand, you can easily tell that something was removed.

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