What are the Pros and Cons of Cellulite Products?

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The two main pros and cons of cellulite products are economy versus lasting results. What contributes to the appearance of cellulite is thin skin with poor elasticity and pockets of excess fat bulging through connective tissue. Cellulite products can work in synergy with a healthy diet and exercise program to help reduce excess fat and “cottage cheese” textured skin, but on their own will not produce the results many wish for. Cellulite products absorbed through the skin — such as creams and patches — will temporarily work to plump, and therefore smooth the appearance of cellulite, but will not shrink or diminish the fat cells causing the unsightly bumps in the first place.

The pros of cellulite products are that they are less expensive than spa-based or surgical treatments, such as liposuction. Cellulite creams and gels can cost anywhere from a few dollars to a couple hundred dollars, whereas hundreds to thousands of dollars could be spent per visit to a spa or medical center. Spas especially encourage a series of anti-cellulite treatment sessions to see results. Cellulite products are also the least invasive method for reduction and can be used in the privacy of home and at any time desired.


Other pros of cellulite products, especially for the research-oriented consumer, include the variety of treatments available. Reviews of many creams, gels and patches are available online and in women's and consumer magazines and books so informed decisions can be made. The persistent user may see some smoothing results as long as the treatments are applied, which takes only a few minutes a day. Sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough for results, so the use of cellulite products can be the finishing touch in a multi-tiered approach to getting rid of the unsightly problem.

The cons of cellulite products may outnumber the pros in regards to fast and permanent results. While many choices exist, shopping for the right cellulite products can be overwhelming and time-consuming, because of the hundreds of products that exist in the market. Cellulite products can cause itching and discomfort or may be inconvenient to apply on a daily basis. The stimulating ingredients in cellulite creams and gels, such as caffeine, capsaicins, retinol and seaweed, also cause allergic reactions in some.

The ultimate of cellulite product cons is that they might not work at all. Depending of the severity of the condition, cellulite products could be a waste of money, no matter how diligently or for how long they are applied. The medical and scientific communities generally agree that cellulite is the result of genes and hormones. No scientific proof exists that anti-cellulite creams and gels work.


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