What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Wholesale Rhinestones?

Marco Sumayao

The possible savings made when buying wholesale rhinestones are an attractive pro. The price reduction often comes under the condition that the rhinestones be bought in bulk, making this a major advantage for frequent crafters. The necessity to buy large amounts of rhinestones, however, can be a con as well. Bulk orders of wholesale rhinestones can leave crafters with a surplus of unused stones, resulting in a net loss of funds. Buying rhinestones wholesale can also limit the variety of the materials, limiting the types of projects that can be made.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

People buy wholesale rhinestones mainly for the savings; buying stones in bulk is often cheaper than purchasing them in several small orders. The lower prices can be attributed to a number of factors: less packaging, easier storage and inventory, and the clearing out of old, unsold stock. Purchasing bulk orders also lowers the shipping costs, especially since the cost of smaller orders accumulates over time. Delivery personnel need only make one trip to deliver the goods rather than multiple ones.

The savings on wholesale rhinestones, however, are largely dependent on the assumption that the buyer needs a large, steady supply of materials. Buying in bulk requires a fairly large investment that is only smaller than buying smaller amounts if the total rhinestones needed is equal on both accounts. As such, crafters who work on numerous projects, as either a hobby or as a business, benefit most from buying wholesale craft rhinestones. Crafters who work less frequently often find themselves left with an excess of materials, which constitutes a monetary loss on their part.

Purchasing wholesale rhinestones is also advantageous if the buyer intends on making projects with similar designs or making mass amounts of a single design. Most sellers offer only one type of rhinestone per bulk order; it is fairly uncommon to find wholesale acrylic rhinestones sold in the same lot as wholesale glass rhinestones. The uniformity of the pieces bought through bulk orders makes it convenient to mass-produce a single type of project, making wholesale purchases a very attractive prospect for crafters looking to make a business out of their projects.

The lack of variety in pieces, though beneficial for mass producers, is a large con for casual crafters. Having only a single type of rhinestone at hand can limit the kinds of projects that can be done with the materials. Although rhinestones can go on a wide array of projects, the end results will usually have a similarity to their appearances, which might be undesirable for some individuals. It is often better for large-scale crafters to buy wholesale rhinestones, while casual crafters should stick to purchasing their materials in smaller amounts.

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