What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Wholesale Candy?

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Two advantages of wholesale candy are the overall savings of buying in bulk and the space-saving packaging wholesale candy comes in. The savings of purchasing candy in bulk is a popular reason for choosing wholesale. Bulk candy also has its downsides; for example, shipping and handling can be expensive, and all candies have an expiration date. The price of shipping and handling can make small bulk orders pointless, and expiration dates can make the candy unsellable after a certain point. It is important to thoroughly research wholesale companies before ordering, to minimize the potential downsides of ordering wholesale candy.

An advantage of buying wholesale candy is the potential savings. In general, purchasing bulk candy is cheaper than purchasing it piece by piece. Manufacturers often given deep discounts with especially large orders, and even these discounts are sometimes open to negotiation. These discounts can be given freely because there is less handling and time spent moving each individual case, leading to overall savings that can be passed on to consumers.

Another advantage of wholesale candy is the packaging it comes in. When candy is purchased piece by piece, it is usually loose and must be placed in a bag or box for storage. Wholesale candy typically comes in the original unopened box, and can be more easily stacked and stored. This advantage is sometimes overlooked, but it is a good way to maximize storage space when space is limited.


Not everyone has a wholesale candy store nearby, so a lot of businesses and individuals resort to ordering online or by phone. Normally, the goods are shipped rather than picked up by the consumer, which can negate the savings one received by ordering in bulk. In general, this applies more often to bulk orders on the small side rather than companies ordering hundreds or thousands of cases.

Another con is the candy's expiration dates, meaning a consumer cannot order too much at a time unless he or she is selling out quickly. To maximize savings, people often order as much as they can store from the cheapest seller, which can lead to receiving at least some old but not yet expired candy. Local laws can prevent the sale of expired food items, though, forcing people to throw away some of their wholesale candy batches. This is usually not a problem for businesses that sell candy quickly or make sure to order candy that does not expire for a long time.


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