What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Cosmetics on Sale?

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Buying cosmetics on sale allows an individual to save money, provided the purchased items are in good condition and will be used. Purchasing a familiar brand is one of the best ways to get a good result when buying cosmetics on sale. The purchase won't be a bargain if the makeup is beyond its expiration date, an unflattering color, or otherwise unsuitable for the buyer. Cosmetics on sale can be found at grocery and drug stores, online, or through a discount makeup supplier; buying from a reputable outlet increases the chances of making a good purchase.

Saving money is one of the primary benefits of purchasing cosmetics on sale. Buying a good brand in a familiar color or shade is one way to be sure that the chosen items will be useful. Shades or brands that have been discontinued may be an excellent value, provided they are not beyond their expiration date. Checking the expiration date on a makeup item is one way to help ensure the item will still be useful.


Taking a risk on a new color or type of makeup is easier to do if the item in question is on sale. Trying something new has less risk if the makeup is purchased at a deep discount. Looking for cosmetics on sale is one way to try out a new look or product without committing to a large purchase. Another way to benefit from purchasing cosmetics on sale is to buy duplicates of an item already known to be useful, provided the merchandise won't expire before it can be used.

Expired cosmetics are not a bargain at any price. At best, the expired item will simply not work as advertised. In some cases, using an expired makeup item can lead to an infection; cosmetics past their prime can harbor bacteria or cause other health issues when used. No matter how deeply an item has been discounted, if it has the potential to adversely affect the user's health, it should not be purchased.

While not a health risk, buying a color or novelty cosmetic just because it is on sale can be a waste of money. A hot pink lipstick or electric blue mascara can seem intriguing, but if it ends up languishing in a vanity table drawer, it is not a bargain. Bright colors, novelty makeup, and holiday items often end up in the sale bin; sometimes these items end up on sale for a reason.


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