What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Tablet PC?

Felicia Dye

One of the biggest benefits of buying a tablet PC is that it allows a person to have access to a portable yet innovative machine. The fact that tablet PCs are either held or laid flat makes them ideal for tasks such as reading, but they are not as ideal for hours of working. These machines are generally more expensive than comparable computers of other types. That extra cost, however, includes capabilities such as handwriting recognition and touch screen functionality.

Tablet PCs can generate less waste by allowing access to several publications.
Tablet PCs can generate less waste by allowing access to several publications.

Before buying this type of computer, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. For example, portability is one of the advantages that a tablet PC has over both a desktop computer and a laptop. The tablet is generally the lightest form of computer and can be easily stored without requiring a lot of extra space or an extra piece of luggage. A drawback, however, is that the tablet PC is not freestanding like other computers. Since it is designed to be held, it may not be suitable for those who need a computer to use for hours at a time.

Laptops are usually cheaper than tablet PCs.
Laptops are usually cheaper than tablet PCs.

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Buying a tablet can enhance a person's professional image. It can allow a person who commonly meets with others to have access to the technology that she needs without creating a barrier between herself and others. The fact that it is either hand held or laid flat can also make a tablet PC more comfortable for e-books readers, as it is handled more like a traditional publication.

Tablet PCs can be used to run work-related apps.
Tablet PCs can be used to run work-related apps.

Tablet PCs are often more expensive than other types of computers. There are, of course, high-priced laptops and desktop computers, but there are also a wide range of bargains. Individuals who are buying a tablet PC are likely to find that even when they attempt to shop for the lowest prices, fewer bargains can be found.

Tablet applications may include weather information.
Tablet applications may include weather information.

Buying a tablet PC generally provides a person with a machine that offers more advanced features that are considered standard than other computers. For example, all tablets have touch screen technology, which many people prefer. A machine with touch screen technology tends to have certain applications that other machines do not have, such as the ability to slide windows off the screen and to recognize gestures that simplify certain actions.

Tablets also have handwriting recognition, a feature that can be very useful for people who do a lot of note taking, such as students, or those who prefer writing to typing, as some professional writers may. Other types of professionals will find the ability to write on a computer screen highly beneficial, such as those in the medical and architecture fields. A tablet PC can also be a great tool for graphic design and other forms of art.

Although buying this type of computer may be a benefit for many lifestyles, there is one group of consumers who tends to shun these machines — gamers. Many games that are available for other machines are not made for tablet PCs. Even if the games were available, until technology, such as processing, is better developed in these machines, the playing experience would likely be disappointing.

Tablet PCs are more portable than laptops and other computers.
Tablet PCs are more portable than laptops and other computers.

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Tablets are nice, as far as they go. Yes, they're very portable, and having one while traveling would be ideal. However, not everything works for every person.

I'm a journalist. Tablets are great for checking sites, sending the occasional story, etc., but I spend a lot of time keyboarding, and haven't seen a tablet accessory keyboard yet that was as accessible as a regular keyboard. They're just not big enough for long stretches of writing. They're too small and my hands and fingers get cramped up. No fun.

So gamers aren't the only ones who don't use tablets exclusively. In general, writers don't, either.

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