What Are the Pros and Cons of Brewer's Yeast for Acne?

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Taking brewer's yeast, a one-celled fungus often used to make beer, to treat acne can be very effective, but it does have some drawbacks as well. Research has shown that brewer's yeast can work very well at clearing acne, probably due to the high level of chromium it contains. It can serve as a natural alternative to acne medications and is readily available in several forms as a dietary supplement. On the con side, using brewer's yeast for acne can be risky for people with certain condition, including those with yeast allergies, those prone to yeast infections, or those taking certain medications. Also, though most people tolerate it well, brewer's yeast can cause side effects, particularly if one takes too much.

The effectiveness of brewer's yeast for acne is typically attributed to its high chromium content. The mineral is known to help stabilize blood sugar levels by improving both insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. Studies have shown that controlling the glucose levels of those with severe acne with brewer's yeast can greatly improve their complexions.

Another pro of taking brewer's yeast for acne is that it offers a natural option for treatment. Acne sufferers are often dependent on medications, both topical and oral, and may even need to take prescription drugs. Taking brewer's yeast may help them avoid this. It is readily available in flake, powder, tablet, and liquid forms. In addition to chromium, it also contains protein and a number of B vitamins that are important for overall good health.

Some medical conditions may make it impossible for sufferers to use brewer's yeast for acne, as can taking some types of medication, so it is probably best to check with a doctor before starting a regimen. Those who are allergic to yeast should avoid it, and it may lead to yeast infections in those who get them often. People with Crohn's disease may not be suited for use of the supplement. Since it can lower blood sugar, it may cause hypoglycemia in those taking diabetes medication. It can also lead to a dangerous increase of blood pressure in those taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors, or MAOIs, and the narcotic meperidine.

Using brewer's yeast for acne can also cause some unpleasant side effects. The most common, gas and bloating, are typically rather mild but may cause discomfort, particularly if one takes too much. Excessive use can also lead to severe headaches similar to migraines.

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Post 5

Does brewer's yeast get rid of fleas on dogs and cats?

Post 4

@serensurface: It appears to be very common to break out more while using yeast because the skin is clearing up. It shouldn't bother you within two weeks, but may take up to 30 days. In some rare cases I heard of yeast doesn't help.

I say, be patient and wait at least the two weeks, and if it doesn't affect you badly in any other way, give it a try for a month. I just started today and I am mentally ready for my acne to worsen during the initial period but very excited as well as I am truly counting on yeast being my perfect acne remedy!

Post 3

I think brewer's yeast does work but it also depends on what is causing the acne. So it probably won't work as well for everyone. I think brewer's yeast works best when the acne is caused by hormonal imbalance and stress rather than allergic reactions like food allergies.

The best part about brewer's yeast is that it is easily found and extremely affordable.

The worst part is the flavor, especially if you get it in powder or flake form. The flakes are a bit better, the powder is horrible and so difficult to drink. The capsules are the best because I don't taste it at all.

Post 2

@anamur-- No, I don't have that problem with brewer's yeast. I take it regularly and it is the only thing that has treated my acne. I've had acne for sixteen years and had tried everything. My acne has completely cleared up since taking brewer's yeast.

The only downside I can think of is the flatulence it causes. It affects me much like prebiotic supplements do. It causes bloating and flatulence and very rarely diarrhea as well.

Post 1

I took brewer's yeast because I heard it will help with acne, but it made my acne worse!

I didn't experience any other side effects, but I was so disappointed since it aggravated what it was supposed to fix.

Has anyone else reacted this way to brewer's yeast or is it just me?

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