What Are the Pros and Cons of Backyard Trampolines?

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There are both pros and cons to having backyard trampolines, and both should be considered prior to purchase. Some of the pros include the benefits of exercise that the backyard trampolines provide — the fun, excitement and coordination that develops through simply playing on the trampoline. The cons include the potential for injury, lawsuits and increased insurance rates. In some areas, the trampolines must be treated exactly as an above-ground swimming pool, with fencing and locked access that can also lead to the con of increased costs.

Backyard trampolines are a simple assembly that can provide hours of fun and family entertainment while also aiding in development of muscle growth and hand-and-eye coordination. A plus to owning trampolines is the added athletic ability that the bouncing is able to contribute to the growing athlete. The cardio workout provided by playing on a backyard trampoline is also a benefit to the growing fight against childhood obesity around the world.

The trampoline's suspension system of tarp and springs allows the user to develop skills that are helpful in other sports, such as diving, gymnastics and even ballet. Other pros to the backyard toy are the development of friendships and the mental growth that planning a play or workout routine requires.


There are also several cons to owning a trampoline, however. Laws and regulations vary from community to community, so it is best to research local ordinances prior to purchasing the product. The most obvious con connected to owning a trampoline is the potential for serious personal injury caused by a misguided bounce or trick.

It is extremely easy for an inexperienced user to gain the altitude to cause potentially life-threatening injury if the user should happen to misjudge a landing. The springs that surround the trampoline's tarp also create several small openings that may allow a leg, arm or head to pass through if the user were to land too close to the edge of the trampoline. Serious cuts, scrapes and bruising can often result, as can broken bones should the body continue on towards the ground once a limb is caught in the springs.

This potential risk typically results in insurance increases for those owning backyard trampolines. Some communities mandate fencing and locked access points to the trampoline, similar to those used to surround swimming pools. These restrictions, while intended to prevent unauthorized use and potential injury, also create added expense for the owner. Another con is the potential for the lawn to become damaged due to the large area the trampoline blocks from sunshine.


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Post 4

If anyone is thinking of getting a backyard trampoline, don't do it without checking with your homeowner's insurance company first! My sister's homeowners insurance was canceled because of this. The company didn't even increase her rates or warn her. They came to the house, saw the trampoline and canceled the insurance!

Post 3

@ddljohn-- I don't think trampolines are dangerous if there is protective equipment. Of course, I don't think young kids should be allowed on it and parental supervision is necessary.

My kids are ten, twelve and thirteen. We got a backyard trampoline last summer, but we also purchased safety nets. They also have protective gear that they have to wear before they go on it. I might go in the house for a few minutes, but I'm always keeping an eye on the kids while they're on the trampoline otherwise. So far, we have not had any injuries.

I don't regret getting a backyard trampoline because it's a lot of fun. I also jump on it sometimes. It has given the kids something to do during the summer months.

Post 2

My neighbor got a backyard trampoline last week. Just two days later, his seven year old son fell off of it and fractured his arm. My kids had been asking me for one too, I'm so glad I didn't get one.

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